Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Reading Challenge Addict Challenge

Reading Challenge Addict

I am definitely a Reading Challenge Addict, however I have not always been the best at completing them.  I plan on making 2013 different and being in the Reading Challenge Addict Challenge is just the thing to keep me on track.  This challenge is hosted at Reading Challenge Addicts and you can find the details and the sign ups at their blog.

I'm in for the In Flight level which is 11-15 challenges entered and completed.  So far I have entered (and I'll update my progress through the year):

  1. Wishlist Challenge 2013 (0/12 as of 1/9/13)
  2. Library Books Reading Challenge 2013 (0/36 as of 1/9/13)
  3. Sports Romance Reading Challenge 2013 (0/6 as of 1/9/13)
  4. Romance Reading Challenge 2013 (2/5 as of 1/9/13)
  5. Erotic Literature Reading Challenge 2013 (0/7 as of 1/9/13)
  6. 2013 150+ Challenge (8/150 as of 1/16/13)
  7. 2013 Audio Book Challenge (1/25 as of 1/9/13)
  8. 2013 Where are You Reading Challenge (5/50 States as of 1/9/13)
  9. 2013 Ebook Challenge (5/50 as of 1/16/13)
  10. 2013 A to Z Reading Challenge (22/26 as of 6/7/13)
  11. 2013 Romantic Suspense Reading Challenge (2/13 as of 1/9/13) 
  12. 2013 Book to Movie Reading Challenge (0/3 as of 1/7/13) 
  13. Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2013 (1/24 as of 1/11/13)


Arianne said...

wow that is A LOT!!!

Unknown said...

I am not a fan of challenges because I can't ever complete them, but this sounds interesting!

-Shanise @ Camisado Mind

Anonymous said...

I just chose my challenges this week. Best of luck in meeting your goals. Tracking it all would be the most difficult thing for me. I am not too good at that sort of thing.

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