Thursday, April 12, 2012

Introducing Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight

Introducing the new member of the Nook family. I'm excited about the GlowLight while still keeping the E-ink technology.  I'm a Kindle owner, but I am seriously debating this one. What do you think about the new Nook? Do you have a Nook, do you like it?

You can pre-order today and it ships free, I believe it starts shipping May 1.

300x250 - NOOK Simple Touch™ with Glowlight


Patty said...

I just read that Amazon has one, too...

Andrea said...

I love my Nook Simple Touch! I played with all the readers (except the Kindle Fire, that wasn't out yet) and read reviews for months before deciding on my Nook. I love that the battery lasts a month even with me reading a book a day on it. I buy all my books as Kindles and then have to convert them which takes a minute but it's worth it IMO.

I'll be buying the new touch with glowlight the day it comes out. I can't wait!

Crystal said...

@Patty I read about the Kindle first and then it was like there was the new Nook. I want them both and part of me wants to stick with my tried and true Kindle 2.

Crystal said...

@Andrea Do you convert in Calibre or do you have to use something else? This is something I was curious about because I have tons of Kindle books.

Andrea said...


I use Calibre. I love the nook but absolutely hate Barnes & Noble's website. I'm not sure they could make the site any worse even if they tried :(

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