Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Author Interview: LeAnn Burke (Deadly Secrets)

Today I welcome LeeAnn Burke, author of Deadly Secrets to the blog for her interview as part of the Sizzling PR tour.  So welcome LeeAnn, thanks for joining us today!

What did you do to celebrate when you found out you would be published?

It was very late so I made one phone call to my parents. Then I bought myself a special tea the day after.

Describe the area you write in.

I don’t have a particular area. I write where inspiration hits me. I used to have a pen and paper for that
purpose. I don’t any more.

What's your favorite season?

I love winter.

What is your favorite snack food?

Cookies, any kind of them. My nickname growing up was cookie monster.

What is your favorite TV show and why?

I love Castle because I love the mystery aspect, Gilmore Girls love the dialogue and Being Erica.

Crystal: I haven't watched Castle but have heard wonderful things about it and I agree about the dialog in Gilmore Girls - it really can't be beat!

If you could have any car what would it be and what color would it be?

I’ll be honest I don’t know anything about cars. As long as it runs and gets me where I want or need to
go then I’m good.

What is a typical day like in your life?

Presently during the day I go to work and at night I along with partners I run Lachesis Publishing with
three amazing partners. I try and get some writing in there whenever and where I can find time.

What made you pursue the romantic suspense genre?

I tried writing a few different genres but I kept killing off characters in all of them. That’s how I found
romantic suspense was for me.

Tell us a little bit about Deadly Secrets.

Deadly Secrets is my first published book. Here is the blurb,

Philippe Lafrance is a well known reclusive writer whose life is suddenly thrown upside down when the grandfather he never knew existed, dies. He investigates the reason and learns that his family has kept secrets from him. Deep, ugly secrets. Worse, a killer is murdering the men in his family. He discovers that his father, then his grandfather, were murdered by someone desperate to keep secrets buried.

Bereft, Roxanne St-Clair is left to manage a restaurant when the only person who ever mattered to her, her foster parent and mentor, is murdered. She puts her life on hold to find his killer and bring him to justice.

Thrown together by circumstance and a mutual goal, Philippe and Roxanne fight their attraction and team up to find the killer, bring him to justice and unearth the truth. To stay alive, they must keep one step ahead of the assassin in order to prevent him from killing his next target, Philippe.

Will they succeed in bringing to justice this killer before Philippe becomes his next victim? Will they be able to deal with the truth behind the deadly secrets?

Was there any character or part in Deadly Secrets that was difficult to write?
Not a character per say, but there were situations that were hard to write.

Was there any character or part in Deadly Secrets that was really easy to write?

Roxanne was fun and easy to write about.

What are you working on now?

I am working on the sequel to Deadly Secrets. In this one I have a serial killer.

Anything else you would like to share?

In honor of Breast Cancer Month my publisher is discounting the ebook for DEADLY SECRETS
to $2.99 and will donate an extra $1 for each book sold. I am hoping they get to write a huge
check at the end of the month. If your readers want to help they can pick up a copy here,

That is an awesome cause that is near and dear to my heart since my mom is a 15-year Breast Cancer survivor, so come on readers and let's help LeAnn write that big check for this worthwhile cause!

Thanks for joining us today LeAnn!

About LeAnn Burke
At the age of 12 Leeann put pen to paper and created stories. She finished her first and only short story within weeks. She kept on writing through high school, university and her first few dead end jobs. To this day she still has a pen and paper handy.

After 22 years of writing she finally got “the call”. The owner of LBF Books called to let me know she wanted to purchase DEADLY SECRETS. Her dream was finally coming true.  She decided to give her dream more purpose by donating funds to the American Breast Cancer Foundation (ABCF) and to a Canadian organization that does Breast Cancer Research. DEADLY SECRETS is also a proud sponsor for ABCF.



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LeeAnn, great interview. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that we both love Castle and the Gilmore Girls. :)

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