Friday, July 15, 2011

This or That with author Christine E. Schulze (The Gailean Quartet)

Today I have Christine E. Schulze, author of The Gailean Quartet joining me sharing whether she likes this or that.  I love these lists, because they are fun quick looks into the author's personality.  Also be sure to checkout Christine's giveaway going on her blog.

Tacos or Hamburgers? Hamburgers! But only if they are cheeseburgers. I actually pride myself on the un-
American oddity that I have never really ever had a taco.

Dogs or Cats?
Both. While Mum and I always had dogs, this is only because I was allergic to cats.
Otherwise, we might have added a few to our menagerie.

Travel by car or by airplane?
This is going to make me sound very boring after the taco remark, but I’ve
never gotten to ride an airplane. That’s why I’m a writer though; while I hope to travel someday, I get to
write about awesome places until I do.

Sports car or sedan? Umm, I’m really not that into cars and can’t properly answer this one. My mum
fancies a sports car though, only she says it would get her in trouble.

Regular soda or diet soda? Neither; I never fancied soda, except as a child I loved orange soda. But,
since discovering my allergies to milk and processed sugar, I don’t drink that either. I have though found a
brilliant replacement, an all-natural carbonated drink: Clementine Izze!

English or Math? Is this even a valid question for an author? English trumps, obviously, though Math isn’t
nearly as bad a bane as it was in grade school.

Tragedies or Comedies? Tragedy! Sometimes in my own works as well. My sweetheart finds it a bit
morbid at times how I like to off people…

Twitter or Facebook?
Honestly, I’m not very into the whole social networking thing. However, I am a
member of both Twitter and Facebook. More so though, as an author, I prefer Goodreads.

Middle School Teacher or High School Teacher? Well, if you’re referring to teaching, probably neither; I
prefer Elementary where the children are not taller than I.

Movie in Theater or in home? I do love going to the theatre but only do so when it’s a movie I really want
to see because of the expense. Being at home is nice because one can be comfortable, and I can also
have snacks that cater to my food allergies of milk and sugar.

High Heels or Sneakers? Ha! If you catch me in high heels, I am either under the Imperious Curse or am
being impersonated by someone taking Polyjuice Potion (sorry, but my sweetie and I have been engaging
in a Harry-Potter-a-thon). I try to look nice but also must be comfy at the same time.

Bracelets or Necklaces?
Necklaces; I’ve always loved pendants and use the magical kind a lot in books,
especially my older works. Perhaps it’s also the fact I have such tiny wrists; I have a 4.5 size ring finger,
so don’t where many of those either.

X-Men or Pirates of the Caribbean? PIRATES! I loved one; two had retarded characters and was just
plain weird with that squid man; in three, the characters finally come to their senses, and the story with
Elizabeth and Will was so tragically beautiful! And my sweetheart and I just saw four and loved it. There
was something in it for everyone. I’m still going on about the side story between the missionary and the


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