Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chosen Scavenger Hunt

Today is my day for the Chosen Scavenger Hunt - I am right in the middle of this book and hope to finish it today and review it over the weekend but I must say it has sucked me right in.  So here is my excerpt for the day:

It also acted as white noise, blocking the sound of cars that stopped and started at the corner of the street directly below her bedroom window.

The hallucination began twenty minutes later, obviously the first stage in the effects of the pills.

More information about the tour can be found at: Book Sake

About the Book
When Mariah Adele Carpenter attempted to end her own life with a handful of pills, she thought
she had left the cares of the world behind. Somehow, her act of self-destruction became one of
redemption when a mysterious figure healed her – and set her on a journey that would test her
faith, her perceptions and ultimately her sanity in Paula Bradley’s heart-pounding debut novel
CHOSEN (Fiction Studio, 2011).

Mariah soon realizes that the deathbed visitation by an otherworldly figure has magnified
the nascent extrasensory gifts she’s had since childhood. Desperate to understand what has
happened, she reaches out to non-denominational minister Michael Jenkins. The gentle
Englishman becomes her spiritual guide and bedrock support when she is drawn against her will
into the minds of abducted children.

Her role in the rescue of these innocents draws the attention of FBI Special Agent Frannie
Manzetti, who sees Mariah as a path to promotion and heightened status within the department.
But can Manzetti keep her prize to herself once the women become friends? And can the agent
protect her charge once the media gets hold of a stolen tape showing her psychic ability?

When her fourth Finding hits the airwaves, all hell breaks lose. Blessed and reviled in equal
measure, she finds herself on trial for murder while another government agency develops its
own covert agenda to control her and her abilities.

As her outer turmoil intensifies, Mariah is plagued by a series of terrifying nightmares,
culminating in the discovery of an ingenious serial killer who somehow prevents her from
finding out his identity and location. His elusive nature tortures her, driving her to frightening
excesses as she becomes obsessed with finding him before he kills again.

Paula Bradley has created a heroine who is remarkably complex and achingly human in a
thriller that bristles with the tension of implicit danger and the draw of the unexplained. It will
keep readers turning pages and challenging their own long-held beliefs on the nature of faith
and the value of discovery.


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