Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Book Review: Three Quarters Dead by Richard Peck

Three Quarters Dead 
Three Quarters Dead by Richard Peck
Publisher: Dial
Publish Date: October 28, 2010
Hardcover, 208 pages
Young Adult, Paranormal (Ghost story)

My Review:
Why I read this: The cover looked interesting and the story sounded interesting.

How is the novel driven:  Action and character, but the character centers around Kerry and her acceptance into the cool school clique and the events that follow after that.

My thoughts: Three Quarters Dead is an interesting take on the ghost story and on teen cliques.  Most of the story is about Kerry and how she joins in with the cool girls seemingly by accident one day.  But as she learns, things aren't always as they seem.

The rest of the story is about how far she will go to be a part of the clique and like most girls she will do almost anything.  I found the story to be highly entertaining for about three-quarters of the story and then when the things really start to happen I found it to be a little too rushed and I kind of thought that a lot of it came out of no where.  I think if I read it again knowing what I do now, I would understand more.  Kind of like The Sixth Sense, if you know the ending you can see the clues through the book.  But when reading it through the first time, it's a little shocking and a little jarring.

It is an entertaining story so don't let my thoughts dissuade you.  It's a perfect Halloween book and I like the way it almost pokes fun at the popular clique and how Kerry eventually learns her lesson.

In summary - fun book, interesting ghost story take, just a little too short and hurried are really my only complaints.  Give it a try and see what you think.

My Rating: 3.5/5.0

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About the Book:
Kerry is chosen by the coolest clique in school and so she thinks life has finally begun. But then it seems all over when her three friends are killed in a shocking car accident. Or are they? Only weeks after the accident, Kerry receives a text from one of the girls: We're all 3 here at my aunt's in the city. Take the 3:50 train. B there.

Exhilarating, terrifying suspense is crossed with a thought-provoking examination of peer pressure in Richard Peck's return to his contemporary teen- and ghost-story roots. This is a master author's gift to the Gossip Girl/Twilight generation: his own smart, stylish, and fun take on the paranormal.

About the Author:
Richard Peck lives in New York City. His extensive list of honors includes the Newbery Medal, the Edgar Award, the Margaret A. Edwards Award, and the National Humanities Medal. He has twice been a finalist for the National Book Award.

Author Page at Random House Publisher

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I awarded you; http://fredasvoice.blogspot.com/2010/10/award-ceremony.html

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I've been wanting to read this one! did't know it was a ghost story but i love the cover.

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