Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm Fundraising - look for big post coming this weekend

Hello all - this weekend I'm unveiling a fundraising post where I am trying to raise money for a CF Foundation walk I will be a part of in April.

In the process I am trying to get offers of donations for giveaways.  So I am calling out to all of you - do you have suggestions of people to approach for offering giveaways as an incentive to donate money, blog about my fund raising, tweet or just comment on my blog.  I will be doing features of the giveaway authors/publicists/publishers and I already have lined a few things up (and will be doing a giveaway myself).  I just want to make this big because it raises money for something near and dear to my heart - my nephew and research for a cure for him.

So if you have done something like this before and have suggestions either comment or email me at crystalfulcher(at)  If you haven't done this but have suggestions please do the same.  I'm open to all suggestions. 

And lookout on Sunday for the unveiling of my fundraising/giveaway.

Thanks and have a wonderful evening.


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