Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BBAW: Why I Blog

Today is interview day with BBAW and I didn't throw my name in the hat because I didn't want anyone to get stuck with me :) So I've been seeing other self-interviews so I thought I would do a quick one myself.

Why do I blog?

At first it was to keep track of books I read - a place to put a summary and a brief review so I would remember the book I read because I frequently forget whether I have read a book or not.

Then it blossomed into being a part of the community of book bloggers - people read my blog, they commented and I started participating in memes and giveaways and then the blog was fun.

Then there came review books - a way to get books, but it became even more than that. I have now virtually met several authors and have to say they are some of the nicest people.

So this is pretty much it in a nutshell - I blog to be a part of a community of people that love books like I do.

What new genres have I read since I started blogging?

Historical fiction, memoirs, more general fiction and young adult. Thank you book bloggers and authors for introducing me to these wonderful genres.

Why do I do the memes?

They are fun and there is nothing that makes me want to read more than finding new books to read and a lot of the memes show me new-to-me authors and books to add to my list.

Why do I do giveaways?

Some are publisher/author sponsored, but some are my copies. I do this because I can't keep all the books I've read or we wouldn't have room to live and also so I can share a wonderful book with someone else, who may or may not would buy the book, but will read it when they get it and hopefully love it and want to buy from the author in the future.

Did I ever want to write books?

Yes, but I quickly figured out I couldn't come up with the great ideas, so I decided to stick to reading and marvel at the great ideas that authors come up with.

Does my family read like I do?

Pretty much - my oldest son was upset the other night that he forgot to bring his book with him in the car before we went out to eat (it takes us 20 minutes to get to town) and that reminded me of when I was younger and took a book everywhere (okay I still do). My youngest loves for me to read "the pigeon" books by Mo Willems and my husband is addicted to the library just like I am, he just reads more non-fiction. My dad and mom also read all the time, so it's definitely in the family.

So that's just a quick summary of why I do what I do on this blog. I've really enjoyed reading the interviews today and hopefully next year I will be brave enough to throw my name in the hat.


Cara Powers said...

Being interviewed is not the hard part--interviewing is. I had never interviewed another person in my life. I had this list of questions and then when Becky and I were on the phone, I realized none of them would work. Next year, I'm going to have to look up interviews in the archives for better ideas. Maybe someday I'll get to interview an author. SCARY!!!!!!


trish said...

I think anyone would have been happy to be "stuck" with you. You should have thrown your name in the hat! Well, next year for sure!

Vivienne said...

Fabulous interview of yourself. I didn't join in this one either.

Anonymous said...

emm.. funny text.

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