Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Review: Scenarios: Truth or Dare by Nicole O'Dell

Scenarios:  Truth Or Dare (Scenarios for Girls) Scenarios: Truth Or Dare by Nicole O'Dell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lindsay and her three friends are very close and can't wait to enter eighth grade. But as eighth grade begins the girls begin spreading their wings a little more and playing a new game at their slumber parties, and no one gets hurt with games do they? Lindsay will be challenged to use what she learns in church and youth group to make the right decision which comes down to doing what she knows is right or choosing her friends. In this book you the reader get to make the choice and learn the consequences.

This is a wonderful book for tweens. Who as a tween was not faced with some situation similar to the one presented in the book and for tweens to be presented with this situation and seeing the outcome before actually facing it can be such a blessing. The situation was presented well, the outcomes handled well and it is a well-written and entertaining book. The moral dilemmas are handled well, the teaching lessons teach but are not too preachy. A lesson can definitely be taken away from this book with either choice.


naida said...

this sounds like a fun read for tweens!

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