Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Finds (Aug. 7)

Friday Finds is hosted over on Should Be Reading. It's all about what great books you have heard about/discovered in the past week. Here is my entry, and head over to the Should Be Reading Blog to read others and find books to add to your TBR pile!

I'm still catching up on blogs and it's more difficult now that I'm back to work. We've been taking the kids to the pool several nights this week so that has made it even more difficult - but hey - they are only young once!

So here are a few of my finds:

Night of Flames by Daniel W. Jacobson found at Book Addiction blog

Painting a vivid and terrifying picture of war-torn Europe during World War II, this tale chronicles the lives of Anna, a Krakow University professor, and her husband Jan, a Polish cavalryman. After they are separated and forced to flee occupied Poland, Anna soon finds herself caught up in the Belgian Resistance, while Jan becomes embedded in British Intelligence efforts to contact the Resistance in Poland. He soon realises that he must seize this opportunity to search for his lost wife, Anna.

I'm really starting to enjoy historical fiction and this sounds really good to me.

The Hidden Man by David Ellis found at BookBitchBlog
Jason Kolarich is a midwestern Everyman with a lineman’s build and an easy smart-ass remark. He’s a young, intelligent maverick, but he’s also struggling with an overwhelming emotional burden—one that threatens to unravel his own life, and possibly the lives of those around him.

Twenty-seven years ago, two-year-old Audrey Cutler disappeared from her home in the middle of the night. She was never found. All the detectives had to go on were vague eyewitness accounts of a man running down the Cutlers’ street, apparently carrying someone. Without enough evidence to suggest otherwise, Griffin Perlini—a neighbor with prior offenses against minors—was arrested, but never convicted.

The case is long closed when Perlini is murdered nearly thirty years later. Now a man named Mr. Smith appears in Jason Kolarich’s office, saying only that he represents a third party who wants the man charged with murder off the hook and that Kolarich is perfect for the job. The new client: Audrey Cutler’s older brother, Sammy—Kolarich’s estranged childhood best friend—a man he hasn’t seen in nearly twenty years.

But when Kolarich starts receiving violent threats from Mr. Smith’s enigmatic employer, he figures out that the secrecy behind this nameless third party—and the key to winning Sammy’s case—is entangled with the mystery of Audrey’s disappearance. With his own life and Sammy’s in the balance, Kolarich has to put aside not only the mounting anxiety of the job but also a heart-wrenching personal tragedy in order to find out what really happened to Audrey all those years ago.

That's it for this week. I need to do some more blog catch up. So what did you find this week?


Leslie said...

ooooo =) both sound really good! i've heard of the second book not the first one! good finds!!

Jess said...

The Hidden Man sounds great -- wonderful finds!

gautami tripathy said...

Both are wonderful finds!


Seriously booking through it!

Kill Word Verification

Violet said...

The first one looks really good. I don't read many war books or historicals for that matter but this one sounds good.

Mary said...

Good finds!

Vivienne said...

Nights of Flame is definitly the type of book I would enjoy. I seem to be turning more to the books set in that time period lately.

Diane said...

Oh Crystal...Night of Flames looks good; thanks so much

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