Monday, March 31, 2014

Bloggiesta Finish Line - What I accomplished

So Bloggiesta has come to an end and what have I accomplished?  First a rehash of my goals with what I completed, then I'll make some notes below.

My Goals:
  1. Update About Me/Contact page - I have done this recently so I'm going to leave it.
  2. Read some of Blog Design for Dummies books and think about putting information to work for my blog. - I did read the intro and the first chapter and it has  me thinking.  Can't wait to go back and read more and really start working with it.
  3. Write at least 4 backlogged reviews. - I wrote one.
  4. Get my Wednesday, Thursday and Friday memes ready for the next two weeks (at least, if industrious go even further). - Nope. Sigh.
  5. Get some of my tour posts ready to go except for the reviews so it's easy to post just before the tour date (I'm a procrastinator).  I'm going to go with a goal of at least 2 weeks worth. - I did about 4 posts, not what I hoped to, but I did accomplish something.
  6. Visit other blogs, learn things and comment.  Time to build up my community again, I have been very lax.  - Didn't do, but plan on working on this week.
  7. Do some of the mini-challenges. - Didn't do :(
  8. Do the last two weeks worth of Blog Clarity's 10-minute touch-ups. - I did this week's where I created my gravatar and linked it to both my email addresses.  That was easy once I reset my WordPress password.   
  9. Clean out my in-box, work through some of the review requests.  - I did get a good jump on this.  More work to be done, but I feel good about what I accomplished here.
So what happened?  I had great intentions but I fell short.  I did get ahead of my schedule on reading.  I spent time with my family, I spent some time cleaning and I spent some time doing some crochet.  So it was a wonderful weekend, I just didn't participate like I wanted.  But I have some ideas going. I plan on seeing what others did so I can keep adding to my ideas and I plan to continue working on my goals in the near future.  So while not a complete success, Bloggiesta managed to motivate me now and for the future!


Unknown said...

Aw, it's alright about not being able to accomplish everything! It's never too late! :D

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