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Book Review & Giveaway: From Here to Eternity by Paige Cuccaro

From Here to Eternity by Paige Cuccaro
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Publish Date: February 12, 2012
eBook, 79 pages
Fiction, Futuristic, Science Fiction, Romance
 ISBN: 9781622660629

My Review:
I found myself engrossed in From Here to Eternity from the first page.  Ms. Cuccaro manages to weave a very interesting story into a very small package and it feels complete.  I felt I was able to enjoy the story from start to finish and while I wanted more when it was over, it was in the way I often want more in books.

The characters, Rachel and Nate are developed on the way and in a way I found interesting.  Even though they are married, their romance has to redevelop because of what has happened to Rachel.  But also because they are married, it makes the quick romance easier to believe.  I enjoyed getting to know Rachel and Nate and felt they were well-developed within the constraints of a novella.

The plot unfolds over the span of about a day so it's quick as well.  But it works.  There is romance, there is action and it all works.  The characters have to think fast.  There is also world building, this is the future, some things are very different.

I think Ms. Cuccaro did an amazing job to fit this all into a short format.  I wish it could have been longer, but that was just so I could have enjoyed more of the story, but I think everything fit in the novella format.  The characters, the plot and the setting all worked for me.  So if you are looking for a good science fiction romance then this is just the one to whet your appetite.  I'm hoping there is more to come, but not sure.  Either way, From Here to Eternity gave me an hour or two of good reading enjoyment and that is all I ask for :)

My Rating: 5.0/5.0

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About the Book:

Love never dies…but apparently Rachel has.

Waking up one day to her obituary in the news and no recollection of the past few weeks, Rachel calls her husband, Nate, in a panic, at the research facility where he works. Nate is the inventor of CYANAs, Cybernetic Anthropoid Automatons, vessels that look exactly like humans and can store a person’s memories…and maybe even his or her soul.

When Nate arrives home, Rachel doesn’t recognize the man who claims to be her husband. Can Nate convince Rachel to fall in love with him all over again? Especially once she realizes what he’s done…and what it means for their future?

About the Author (from 
Wife, Mother, tax payer, writer.

I live in Ohio, with my husband, three daughters, three dogs, and three cats, in an ever shrinking house. When I'm not writing I'm doing the mom thing with a book in one hand and a notepad and pen in the other. Ideas come without warning and for me, the best way to stimulate my imagination is to enjoy the imagination of someone else.

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***I received this book from the publisher for an honest review.  I was not compensated in any other way except receiving the book for free.  ***


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