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Author Interview: Mallory Kane (No Hero)

Today I welcome Mallory Kane, author of No Hero, a new ebook from Entangled Publishing's Dead Sexy imprint.  I had the pleasure of reading No Hero and it's a great book full of suspense and romance just what I love. My review will be coming later today, but first come get to know Mallory a little better and find out a little more about No Hero.

Describe the area you write in.
I usually write in our guest room, which has a comfortable chair and ottoman and a comfortable bed. Our house is a split-level, and the view out the guest room windows looks like the view from a treehouse. It's lovely in every season.

What's your favorite season?
Fall. I adore watching the leaves change and feeling the cool, crisp weather. The days are beautiful and the nights are chilly and perfect for cuddling.

Describe your ideal reading space (no expense spared here).
My idea reading space is a second story room in an old house in the South of France. It has a small balcony that looks over a lovely town square with a stone fountain and old olive trees. On the other side of the square is a boulangerie where I can buy bread every morning to eat with my coffee. Pretty vinyards and lavendar fields can be seen in the distance.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
This summer we went to the South of France, as described above, and to Italy. I would love to go back there and spend an entire summer.

When did you decide you wanted to be a writer?

I wrote my first poem, Miss Mousie Had A Tea Party, at around age eight and my first short story, a romantic suspense about a girl who visited a dude ranch, met a bad boy, falsely accused, solved a mystery and experienced her first kiss, at around age thirteen.

What's the first sentence of No Hero?
The fog off the river swirled around the lone figure as he stepped onto the abandoned wharf.

Do you have a favorite line in No Hero?
Actually I have a bunch of favorite lines. One of them is my hero Dev, in answer to a question he's asked by the heroine, Reghan Connor.
(Reghan)     "I thought you didn't watch my show."
(Dev)          "I don't. I'm a detective. I have people watch for me and report back."

Tell us what is No Hero about.
Teenagers are being murdered in New Orleans. Not just any teens, teens from Detective Devereux Gautier's Johnson Center for Homeless Teens. Dev is determined to catch the killer before any more kids are killed, but he has no leads. Then Reghan Connor shows up, telling him she knows who the killer is. He'd be more inclined to believe her if she hadn't exposed the past he'd worked for 20 years to hide on her TV news show. But when another teen is murdered, Dev begins to realize that Connor may have the key to catching the killer. But she nearly destroyed his career and his life once. If he works with her on this case, what will stop her from doing it again?

Dish, who’s your favorite character?
Oh, my favorite character is Dev. He's my favorite hero ever! He's been in my head for a long time. Now at last he's getting his own book.

How did you feel when you finished No Hero?
Relieved, exhausted, excited, wrung-out, satisfied, and really really proud of myself for getting it done.

For all of us impatient readers, what is up next for you?
Thanks for asking. Right now, in addition to No Hero from Entangled, I have a Harlequin Intrigue on the shelves in June. It's called Death of a Beauty Queen. My next releases from Harlequin will be an anthology called Bayou Justice in March of 2013, The Prosecutor's Star Witness in April and Special Forces Father in May of 2013. My next book from Entangled Publishing will be (tentative title) No Saint, As yet, we don't have a publication date.

Thanks Mallory!
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed by you. These questions have been really fun.

Contact or visit Mallory any of the following ways:!/mallorykane

No Hero

New Orleans Finest - Book Two - by Mallory Kane
Author: Mallory Kane
Genre: Category – Romantic Suspense
Length: 309 pages
Release Date: June 2012
Imprint: Dead Sexy
ISBN: 978-1-62266-939-4

A darkly handsome New Orleans detective who insists he’s no hero is blindsided by his one-time lover, a sexy investigative TV reporter who exposes his secret troubled past to the whole world…and nearly costs him his job. When the at-risk teens he mentors start turning up dead, his vow to protect the other kids hits a major snag…his only clue to finding the determined killer is held by the one woman he never wants to see again. Compelled to work together to solve the vicious murders before another child dies, their passion reluctantly reignites, and their mutual mistrust slowly turns to respect as she realizes there’s much more to being a hero than outward appearances, and his deeply wounded heart gradually opens to the possibility of love.


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