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Guest Blog: Valentine's Day is Cancelled by Anne Holly

Valentine’s Day is Cancelled!

A Guest post by Anne Holly

Wouldn’t you like to make an announcement like that?

Off and on, I have spent about half of my life hating this holiday. Some years, I’m fine; it’s not
a major holiday, but a little shiny red cheerfulness can be nice in the dead of February. Other
years, I’ve wanted to snap. I walk around snarling at the cardboard Cupids and muttering about
how I don’t need no stinking red velvet cupcakes, and you don’t even want to know where
you can shove your pink envelopes full of manipulation. Basically, the Ebenezer Scrooge of
Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is one of those days that some people love to hate, and it’s not that hard to see
why – it has a cheesy element to it, a commercial tackiness, and an oppressive, cloying effect
that leads to much eye-rolling. And, worse, if you are one of those unfortunates who happen to
be single, watch out! Either it depresses/alienates the hell out of you, or, even if you are single
by choice, you have to endure the gloating pity of the paired-up people around you.

My characters in my Valentine’s Day book V-Day are somewhere in the middle – Daniel, my
musical genius with no luck with women, has always been single for Valentine’s Day, so he’s
kind of the lucky one. Bronwyn, his object of devotion from afar, however, is going through a
breakup at the worst time of the year. She’d be the one stomping around wishing Valentine’s-
lovers would be boiled in their own hot cocoa (for two) and buried with a stake of chocolate
roses through their hearts.

Yes, I know the hatred of various Hallmark holidays. I have even dabbled in the glory that is
self-pity-drenched pajama parties for one-against-the-world, a la Bridget Jones. It’s fun to refuse
the reindeer games of life. I used to wear black to “School Spirit Days” in high school instead of
the team colours, and hold “anti-proms” with my counter-cultural (aka bratty) friends, too. Fight
the power with dour! It has its appeal. I understand. Cynicism is a fun alternative.

Then, two years ago, my toddler took the backside of a lid off a heart shaped box of chocolates
my mum had sent me and he started colouring it purple with his own two little hands. Then I
sat with him, and I drew a flower, and he coloured it red. I wrote his name, and mine, with a
plus sign… And I admit that I – me, the oft-times queen of sourpusses – nearly broke down.
Okay, fine, I did break down. That humble little heart is now over my desk, and when I look at
it, I recall why hearts and flowers mean what they do for some people, and I confess I am still
gooey. It’s not about the jewelry, or the fancy cards, or even the homemade treats, but about the
warmth that goes into them and how special the giver is.

Well, I’m a convert, I guess. Bring on the cheesy holidays, and brighten the world up with your
doorknob hangers. As long as there is love, Valentine’s Day will be welcome here.


V-Day, an erotic romantic-comedy for Valentine’s Day

It all started with a serenade…

A family like Daniel’s and the solitary pursuit of musical excellence is enough to make a young man crazy. No wonder all Daniel Vouks dreams of is getting away. He knows his violin will
take him places in life, but the only place he really wants to be is next door. He’s been in love with his neighbor since he was fourteen, but can he ever make her see him as more than just a
lovesick kid?

V-Day is the story of a Valentine's Day weekend Daniel fears he may regret, but will never, ever forget.

For more information about my Valentine’s Day erotic romantic comedy, V-Day, please see my holiday stories website:


Anne Holly is a Canadian writer of romance and erotic-romance, as well as a mother and
teacher. You may visit Anne at her blog or website, or find her on GoodReads, Facebook and
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