Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Slideshow for The Hurt Machine by Reed Farrel Coleman + Giveaway

Hurt Machine by Reed Farrel Coleman
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About Hurt Machine:
"The biggest mysteries in our genre are why Reed Coleman isn't already huge, and why Moe Prager isn't already an icon."—Lee Child

At a pre-wedding party for his daughter Sarah, Moe Prager is approached by his ex-wife and former PI partner Carmella Melendez. It seems Carmella's estranged sister Alta has been murdered, but no one in New York City seems to care. Why?

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Karen Maldonado said...

Once I received the first 3 Harry Potter books for Christmas. I was like 9 and didn't like to read, a month later I read the first one and then the other 2 and it was amazing.
After that its just bookstore gift cards, because they don't know which ones to get me.

Unknown said...

This is an excellent giveaway.
My favorite book for Chrismas was getting a shipment of my own novel, that I could use on my first author appearance on Dec 20th. A big success.

Nedraw said...

Great Giveaway. I was hoping to find Dust & Decay under the tree this year.but Santa must've run out of copies.

Lori Thomas said...

I received a copy of The Tudors for Christmas, very happy!!

Lori Thomas said...

gfc(Lori Thomas)

Maureen said...

I received a copy of Paula Deen's Southern Cooking Bible.

Helen said...

something witchy this way comes by veronica blade

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