Thursday, December 15, 2011

Freebie Alert: Sloane Hall by Libby Sternberg

Hi everyone, just wanted to give a quick heads up that I heard from the wonderful folks at Istoria Books that Libby Sternberg's amazing novel, Sloane Hall is free today (Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday).  I reviewed this novel last year and absolutely loved it. I gave it a 4.75 out of 5.0 and many others have given it stellar reviews as well.  Below is the press release, read it and I encourage you to get this wonderful book if you haven't already read it!


Sloane Hall by Libby Sternberg, a novel set in old Hollywood and inspired by Jane Eyre, will be offered for FREE for Kindles by Amazon on December 15 and 16, 2011 (Thursday and Friday of THIS WEEK)! I hope you'll share this news with your readers.

This is a terrific opportunity. Sloane Hall was originally released in hardcover for nearly $30. It has been widely praised by Bronte experts and others for telling a new tale while smartly providing the reader with the outlines and emotional high points of Bronte's classic. Here's a quick description of the book with some review snippets:

In 1920s Hollywood, young John Doyle learns the craft of cinematography when a  stupid mistake costs him his job. On a tip, he heads to Sloane Hall, the estate  of a famous silent screen actress, Pauline Sloane, where he lands a position as  chauffeur. Sloane Hall first offers him peace as he enjoys the bounty of the  luxurious home, then unrest as its beautiful namesake returns and starts  preparing for her first talking picture. Despite his best efforts to resist,  John falls hopelessly in love with his employer. His future brightens, however,  when she appears to return his affection, leading to plans for a secret  wedding—until other awful secrets intrude, leading to heartbreak and separation.  A story of obsession and forgiveness, Libby Sternberg’s Sloane Hall was inspired  by Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre and takes place against the tension-filled backdrop of Hollywood's shift from silent to sound pictures.


"An original story with  complex character development...(Sternberg) knows how to tell a story and she  does it well....a refreshing tale." Carolyne Van Der Meer, Bronte Studies  journal, September 2011

"Libby Sternberg's intelligent and intriguing  Jane Eyre reimagining has achieved two of the most difficult goals in a novel:  being a page turner and paying a worthy tribute to Charlotte Brontë's immortal  story." -- THE BRONTE BLOG

"Sternberg never loses sight of the story  she's re-telling, but this novel is definitely her own. Readers have things to  figure out and look forward to. Her prose flows beautifully with vivid  descriptions of people and places, bringing to life a Los Angeles of times gone  by. Fans of historical fiction and Jane Eyre in particular will relish this  novel, and readers who enjoy a love story should definitely pick this one  up."—KATHERINE PETERSON, FRESH FICTION

"Admittedly inspired by Jane Eyre,  Sloane Hall contains a similar plot with a few surprising twists. As two very  troubled individuals try to convince each other of their love, destructive  forces work to destroy that attraction. All the characters are well developed,  interesting people driven by their desires….What makes Sloane Hall different and  intriguing is the setting. The depictions of the movie business and of social  life amongst movie elite during Prohibition effectively take the reader back to  a free-wheeling time—well worth reading."—ROBIN LEE, ROMANCE REVIEWS  TODAY"

Libby Sternberg is the author of women's fiction and  mysteries, including four YA mysteries, the first of which was an Edgar nominee.  She writes humorous women's fiction under the name Libby Malin.


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