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Book Review: Waves of Deceit by Marlene Sanchez

Waves of Deceit by Marlene Sanchez
Publisher: Classy Scribe Publications
Publish Date: November 1, 2011 (ebook), December 1, 2011 paperback
ebook, 95,000 words
Fiction, Romantic Suspense

My Review:
Ah, Romantic suspense, I say it every time I come back to it, but I think it may be my first true love and Marlene Sanchez did an excellent job writing a book that thrilled me both with romance and with suspense.  First I love movies like The Godfather, Goodfellas, and anything gangster, doesn't matter the race, they don't have to be Italian, it can be Russian or Cuban like in Waves of Deceit, but for some reason I am fascinated by organized crime in books and movies so that is why I gravitated toward this book.  I was not disappointed.

The Pascual family is a great crime family.  Loyalty is one of the main creeds of the family and the one that Manny abides by the most.  It's the reason he readily accepts his best friend from childhood, Michael back in with open arms, after a background check of course, when he returns to Miami.  The funny thing about books like this, it's really hard to hate the bad guy, but then sometimes the bad guy is not always who it seems.  Ms. Sanchez has woven a wonderful labyrinth of a suspense plot that surprised me when I didn't think I could be surprised.  There is one moment when I was on the edge of my seat and expected to know what was behind the door and wow was I surprised.  I love a book that does that.  There are twists and turns that really make this book for me.  In summary the suspense of this book is top-notch.

For romance we have Michael and Bianca.  They have an instant attraction, with one problem, Manny is in love with Bianca and neither want to cross Manny.  Eventually attraction wins out.  The nice thing was I could feel them falling for each other and Ms. Sanchez made it feel like it was more than just the heat between them.  For those of you wondering what the heat level of the book is - I would call it sensual - most of the action takes place off the page, but some takes place on, but it is far from graphic.  I was very comfortable with it.  There is a lot of heat between Michael and Bianca without the sex and that is what I really enjoy, knowing the attraction is there without them having to be all over each other all the time.  And the romance.  Let me tell you, you will enjoy the romantic side of Michael - the book is worth it just for that.  Of course it wouldn't be a romance if there were not problems to work through and there are and I like how they are done and how they are worked through.  It sounded like a typical relationship to me.  So it is a great romance as well.

Waves of Deceit was another book I found hard to put down.  I enjoyed the crime family aspect.  The suspense was amazing and the action scenes had me biting my nails.  The romance had me melting in a puddle and wanting to go and cuddle up with my sweet husband (yes I mean just cuddle, Michael is very romantic and my husband is as well).  I love finding gems like this in the world of indie publishing.  And to me this was a true gem.  Ms. Sanchez has crafted a story that is an entertaining and enjoyable read.

My Rating: 4.75/5.0

About the Book:
The Pascual crime family is getting bigger and stronger and taking over more and more of Miami every day. The FBI has been trying to take them down for years, but they can’t seem to make anything stick. Enter former Marine sniper, Agent Michael Walker.

Until age 17 Michael was best friends with Manny Pascual, the heir and current head of the Pascual family. Now the FBI wants him to infiltrate the family he was once a part of in order to collect enough evidence to bring them down for good.

Although it has been more than ten years since Michael has been back to Miami, Manny is more than happy to have his best friend back where he belongs. Not everyone is as happy to see Michael, but one person is secretly thrilled to see him. Bianca Martinez, the family lawyer, can’t keep him out of her head  The FBI is closing in, but Michael is becoming more conflicted
between his job, his friendship with Manny and the life he missed in Miami. The hot relationship sparking with Bianca complicates things further when he learns Manny wants to claim her as his own.

Will the years of friendship between these three endure as they find themselves between the tightening vice of rivaling families and the hard fist of the law? Or will they all drown in their Waves of Deceit?

About the Author: 
Born in Manhattan, Raised in Miami, Living in Alabama.

Marlene Sanchez is a Daughter, a Sister, a Niece, a Cousin, a Friend, a Wife, a Mother, a Step-Mother, and an Aunt… She thrives off her Family and Friends, and tries to live her life to the fullest… Her children are her life, but her passion is writing.

Her novels reflect her Hometown of Miami, her Cuban upbringing and her love for gangster movies (legal and police dramas too).


FTC Information: I received this book through Sizzling PR for an honest review. 


Marlene Sanchez said...

Thank you so much for this fantabulous review! I wanted to cry when I read it. I am so glad you enjoyed the book so much because I certainly loved writing it.

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