Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Author Interview: Andrea Kane

Today I welcome author Andrea Kane, who's newest book, The Girl Who Disappeared Twice was just released.  I have it on my immediate TBR pile and can't wait to read it.  For now enjoy learning more about Ms. Kane and this book that is already garnering quite a bit of praise.
The Girl Who Disappeared Twice

Are you working on anything else at the moment, and if so can you tell us?
I’m writing the next Forensic Instincts novel.  It’s called THE MAN WITHOUT A FACE, and it’s another heart-wrenching, race-the-clock challenge for the FI team.

Can you tell us something about yourself that not a lot of your readers know?
I’m a walking contradiction.  I can write some really ugly scenes.  Yet I cry during Disney movies and I’ve never gotten over “Charlotte’s Web”.  It’s like I’m outside myself—a completely different person—when I write violence or psychological pain.  The truth is, I’m secretly a marshmallow!
Do you have any quirks that come out while you are writing?
I’m a raging perfectionist.  I’ll rewrite a paragraph till I’m old and gray.  If even one word is bugging me, I keep at it until it’s got just the right connotation.  And I need dead silence when I’m writing.  No talking.  No music.  Not a sound.  I’m NOT pleasant when those rules are broken. J

What is your daily routine as a writer?
I’m not one of those authors that can write for 12 hours straight and crank out 20 pages.  I write in about 4 hours chunks—in the morning, the evening, and late at night.  I have an energy drop in the late afternoon, so I use that time to research.  And I start every day by re-reading my printed pages from the day before.  That way, I can edit my work and also jump seamlessly back in where I left off.  I also take periodic breaks to revisit a large portion (maybe 100 pages) of my manuscript and edit it.  I simultaneously plan ahead and rework my outline, which has inevitably changed a dozen times since I last wrote it!

What inspired you to write your first book?
I wrote forever, in one format or another.  My first essay was published when I was in high school.  I reviewed books when my daughter was young and I didn’t have the time to tackle a novel.  I did that the first chance I got.  I can’t remember ever NOT wanting to write.  The hard part was imagining myself as a professional, published novelist.  I still feel grateful for being able to earn a living doing what I love!

About the Book

 New York Times bestselling author Andrea Kane
introduces her brilliant new team of maverick investigators

When you crave a romantic thriller that will keep you turning pages, you call on Andrea Kane, bestselling author of more than two dozen novels. From Run for Your Life, her pulse-pounding suspense debut that became an instant New York Times bestseller to Drawn in Blood, which was selected as one of the top thrillers of all time by NPR, Kane has inspired a devoted following of ardent fans in 16 countries.

After intense, top-secret training with the FBI, Kane turned her analytic mind to her newest renegade team, Forensic Instincts, and its brilliant, intuitive leader Casey Woods in THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED TWICE (Mira Books, June 2011). Casey and her team have been hired by veteran family court Judge Hope Willis whose daughter was abducted right under her nose.

Casey’s team of mavericks – a behaviorist, a techno-wizard, an intuitive and a former navy SEAL – pool their unconventional skills to do whatever it takes to bring the girl home. But there is more to this case than meets the eye. Judge Willis has secrets she can’t hide from Casey who has the ability to read people from even the briefest encounter.

Now Forensic Instincts must sift through every piece of evidence, each miniscule clue to uncover the truth before time runs out. They know that the difference between bringing the girl home alive and having her disappear forever could hinge on something as difficult to detect as a suspect’s rapid breathing or a dark family history, long hidden from sight.


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