Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Alphabet in Crime Fiction: A - A look at author Ginny Aiken

This week's letter is A.  I looked through my  spreadsheet of books I have read from 2004-2010 to find something to go with A, because I haven't read a book that starts with A or an author that starts with A this year.  While perusing I found the author, Ginny Aiken.  I have read 4 of Ginny's books and I loved them.  Full of suspense and some romance, her books are great.  The 4 I read were for the Love Inspired Suspense line that Harlequin puts out.

Here is some more information about Ginny Aiken (from Wikipedia):

Ginny Aiken is an author of inspirational fiction and mystery novels.
Ginny was born in Havana, Cuba, and grew up in Valencia and Caracas, Venezuela.
The former newspaper reporter discovered books early on and wrote her first novel at age fifteen, burning it when she turned a "mature" sixteen. That effort was followed years later by award-winning and best-selling titles in the secular and Christian markets. Ginny holds certification in French literature and culture from the University of Nancy, France, as well as a B. A. from Allegheny College in Pennsylvania. She lives in South-Central Pennsylvania with her husband, four sons, daughter-in-law, two dogs, and a steady stream of her sons' musician-friends. When she's not busy with the duties of a soccer mom or band mom, Ginny enjoys reading, writing, classical music, and assorted needle arts.

The four books I read were:
Married to the Mob
Danger in a Small Town
Mixed Up With the Mob

I especially loved Danger in a Small Town and when checking her booklist out I realized I haven't read the second book in that series.  I will have to remedy that.

Some of her series books that are mysteries:
Deadly Decor Mysteries
1. Design On a Crime (2005)
2. Decorating Schemes (2006)
3. Interior Motives (2006)
Design On a CrimeDecorating SchemesInterior Motives
Mistaken for the MobMixed Up with the MobMarried to the Mob
Carolina Justice
Danger In A Small Town (2008)
Suspicion (2008)
Someone to Trust (2009)

SuspicionDanger In A Small TownSomeone to Trust\

So check her out, I'm off to find some of her books I haven't read :)


Kerrie said...

Many thanks for this contribution Crystal

GinnyAiken said...

Hi, Crystal Thanks for a great writeup about me and some of my books. I just figured I'd fix one little detail. The book SUSPICION is the second one in the CAROLINA JUSTICE series, not a stand-alone, the middle story between DANGER IN A SMALL TOWN, and SOMEONE TO TRUST. Hope you continue to read my books, and that you enjoy them!

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