Friday, October 22, 2010

Book Blogger Hop - Oct 22-25

Book Blogger Hop

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This week's question:
"Where is your favorite place to read? Curled up on the sofa, in bed, in the garden?"

I have several places.  When the weather is nice (meaning spring and fall) I sit on the front porch swing or out back in my special double adirondack chair set with table between them that my hubby got us (but I use more).  When the weather is not so nice or at night I read in my chair in the corner of the living room and have my laptop beside me.  I also love to read in bed, and I have been threatening to go upstairs and read in my kids room since they are never there except to sleep.  They are always in the living room and my chair is in there and our bedroom is right off the living room, so upstairs would be quieter.  :)


Anonymous said...

Stopping by from the Hop. I love reading outside when the weather is nice too! Those outdoor swings are awesome, I would love to get one. Hope you have a great weekend :)

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