Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Momentarily overwhelmed and sick

So my posting has been a bit sparse lately and I am late announcing some winners and sending some books.  But please rest assured I will catch up.  This spring has been insane around our house with various activities and events that two boys and a husband have.  There have been two camp outs, t-ball games and the CF walk and then school and we are planning a 3-day weekend vacation.  Add to that my 40-hour a week job which has me under deadline and the I like to sew from time-to-time.  My reading has suffered and so has this blog.

This week was the week I was supposed to catch back up.  Read ahead and get reviews up, catch up on reviews, interviews, giveaways, etc.  Then what happens?  I get my annual May sinus infection.  I have been working from home and sleeping the last two days.  It seems I wake up, fall back asleep get up and work a few minutes and then go back to sleep.  I haven't even been able to read a lot.  Hopefully this will pass quickly and I will get caught up.

So if you are awaiting giveaway results or books, please know they will be coming.  I hope to catch up everything early next week.  Thank you for your patience and for keeping on reading.


Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

No worries Crystal. I completely understand. I had strep throat and an ear infection last week and it took me a week to get over it. Now we have all this flooding here in Nashville so my boys' school is closed...makes my life all the more hectic! I'm so behind myself! Take care of yourself and I hope you are feeling better very soon. =O)

Mary (Bookfan) said...

Take care of yourself, Crystal. I remember those days when the kids' activities, school, etc was gearing up for the end of the school year. Busy times. I hope you can get rid of the sinus issues soon. Don't worry about the blog stuff. It'll get done and people are usually patient :)

Lynne said...

I get yearly sinus infections too. They really wipe you out, don't they?

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