Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekend Wondering

On the note of last week, see this post with Hank Phillipi Ryan talking with Smart Bitches about branding. It's really a great post. I think I subscribe to her thoughts of just wanting a good story - I don't care what it's labeled as and I won't worry as much with it in the future - just something to keep vague stats on in my reading spreadsheet.

Also for last week the winner is:

Sweet Vernal Zephyr

For this week - I have no topic - it's been a crazy busy week with my birthday yesterday, my 85-year-old grandmother in the hospital ICU with a broken hip, we're waiting on her to stabilize so she can  have surgery and just the general mayhem of everyday life.

So discuss amongst yourself something  you would like to see discussed here in weekend wonderings, and that you can participate in the discussion with.  What is on your mind.  Comment and you'll get a chance to win a book from my book vault.  The winner from this week gets to choose one of the books, but other than that the rest will be available and as soon as I have her choice I'll update my bookshelf.  I will probably also add some more this week.  You can find the bookshelf here.

Crystal's bookshelf: giveaway

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Have a good week.  This week's discussion giveaway runs through next Friday the 5th.  I'll draw and post the winner next Saturday and will be able to post on some of the great ideas that you give me.

Additional entries for following, tweeting, posting on your blog.  Just let me know what you do. 

Have a great week everyone and if you pray - please lift up my grandmother - she can use all the prayers/good thoughts she can get right now (and also for our family - this is tough)


Sarah said...

Sad to say but all I can think of at this time is the tsunami on its way to Hawaii :( Books come second at this time.

MarthaE said...

I'll have to think about comment topics but in the meantime I am lifting your family and grandmother in prayer!

Lynne said...

I know what you mean about the general mayhem of life. I myself have gone to a funeral this week and my sister had surgery. Life can be hard, but thank goodness for books to distract us, huh?

Saying prayers for your grandmother.

Anonymous said...

my thoughts and prayers for your grandmother.


Crystal said...

Wow Sarah - that would be frightening - glad to hear that everything is okay. I had heard about the possibilities but didn't realize it was Hawaii.

Thanks everyone for the prayers. She's hanging on, but it will be anytime now. They did all they could this week and now Hospice has stepped in and they are keeping her comfortable. I'm expecting the phone call at any time.

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