Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wishin' and Hopin' . . .

My birthday is next month. What am I wishing for? Well you can see it above and I am sure lots of people are wishing for it too. It's the Kindle 2.  I don't even want the DX. I just want the basic model. However there are bills to pay and children to feed so I have a feeling this one will have to wait awhile, and that is fine.

I'm still not sure if I want one just to want one, or if the process of DH and I trying to simplify our lives and remove clutter, I want one to save space. I love the idea of taking tons of books with me on a trip but them taking up very little room. I also would love to reclaim some bookshelf space in my bedroom, of course that would mean actually reading the books I buy. I've read ebooks before on my tiny, borrowed from work laptop and I like that fine, in fact it's a nice way to read, and due to my current health problems it is nice to not have to hold open a book.  However the battery life on the laptop is poor and it's a pain to drag around and plug up everywhere. It works nice to prop up on my while I am laying in bed though, but I can see where a Kindle would be easy to hold and read too.

So while I am waiting, what are your thoughts on ebook readers? Do you have one? Do you like what you have? Do you want something else (Sony eReader, the Nook, one I don't know about)? If you don't have an ereader - which one do you want or do you not even want one (a year ago I didn't want one)?   I'm still open on the ereader so I need your opinions.  


Diane said...

Hi Crystal...

I hope u get the Kindle for your birthday. I got one for my December birthday and love it. It will never replace the joy actual books brings me, but I love it for reading chunky books (hands free basically) and also for travel.

Can't wait for a bithhday update :)

Lynne said...

I didn't want one last year either. But I do now! I wanted one for my birthday in November, but I didn't get one. Wanted one in December for Christmas. Didn't get one. I think the only way I'll get one is if I buy it for myself.

I thought about getting an iPhone (my kids and husband all have one) and using the Kindle app on that, but the screen is too small, for me, to think about reading a book on. I think the regular Kindle is the way to go. My dad has one and loves it. I have yet to read about or here someone say they don't like theirs, ya know?!

Debbie Rodgers said...

I'd love to have a Kindle.I thought I'd NEVER say that.

But my dilemma (besides that I don't have the money to buy one) is that I don't think it would clear out any of my existing books.

Shon said...

I finally decided to purchase an e-reader late last year (after being on the fence for about 6 months). By that time, the Nook and rumors about an Apple product were starting to develop. So I decided to wait.

I played around with the Nook at B&N and wasn't as impressed with it. Which was disappointing bcuz I thought I would really like it.

Now that the iPad has been revealed by Apple (and I'm definitely an Apple girl), I'm still waiting to see if Amazon will release a Kindle 3 soon. I have an iPhone with both the Kindle app and Barnes and Noble e-reader app. I prefer the Kindle app though. I don't think I could read an entire book on it. I mostly use it to sample chapters of books I just discovered to see if I want to add them to my TBR List. I love the Kindle app. Definitely have gotten more use out of it than I originally thought I would.

As much as I love Apple products, I hope Amazon releases a touch screen Kindle. As Apple reveals more details about the iPad's e-reader capabilities and the iBookstore, I'll make my final decision then.

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