Thursday, October 1, 2009

Win Arrival: Role of a Lifetime by James Brown

Role of a Lifetime: Reflections on Faith, Family, and Significant Living

Role of a Lifetime by James Brown

I received this from the giveaway that Rann of This That and the Other Thing had. Thank you Rann! I have watched James Brown as a sportscaster for awhile now and have always admired him, now I get to read about him and I'm excited.

We live in a world that all too often operates under the overriding template of self-promotion, embracing a "hooray for me" attitude, and which measures success in increasingly small timeframes dotted with markers of temporal value.

Millions of viewers know James Brown as a sports commentator and former athlete. With ROLE OF A LIFETIME, James reveals a different side of his character. Brown rose from a middle-class home to earn a scholarshipto Havard and a chance at a professional sports career before moving on to broadcast jouranlism. Part memoir and part self-help, this book draws on James' lessons from his faith and life experiences to guide readers to find fulfillment and significance. He offers values and encouragment to others of all generations, assisting them in their search for meaning in navigating a world that increasingly promotes transient values, if any at all. His message that shortcuts and gimmicks are counterproductive to a person's success provides hope that there is a God who cares about them and their futures.


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