Thursday, October 15, 2009

Booking Through Thursday - October 15th

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Here is this week's Booking Through Thursday question:

When’s the last time you weeded out your library? Do you regularly keep it pared down to your reading essentials? Or does it blossom into something out of control the minute you turn your back, like a garden after a Spring rain?

Or do you simply not get rid of books? At all? (This would have described me for most of my life, by the way.)

And–when you DO weed out books from your collection (assuming that you do) …what do you do with them? Throw them away (gasp)? Donate them to a charity or used bookstore? SELL them to a used bookstore? Trade them on Paperback Book Swap or some other exchange program?

I weed out my books from time-to-time, but not down to my reading essentials. I probably have 1000+ books at the moment spread out between my house and my work desk (I keep a kind of library for people at work who ask). Most of the time my books are out-of-control though - just ask my husband. :)

When I do get rid of them I either give them away on my blog (review copies and ARCs) or on Paperbackswap (my books) or take them to our used book store to buy more books for myself. I also plan to start donating some of my new hardbacks to the library. I just can't keep all my books and I'm looking to start paring down. This means I'm reading as fast as I can.

So what do you do?


lilly said...

I found that having a blog is very useful when wanting to pass a book along. I host giveaways of certain books I feel deserve a better home occasionally as well.

Novroz said...

I don't think I am going to give away books that I have reviewed in my blog and earned 4 stars in my rating.

I love rereading books so I couldnt give it away.

I'll swap the books I mistakenly bought gladly :)

busy91 said...

I'm not a weeder. I think we need to have a self help group for book hoarders!

My Answer

gautami tripathy said...

I keep weeding yet my pile stays static!


Booking Through Weeding

Novel Insights said...

Ah the paradox - the faster you read, the more books you collect!

Barbara H. said...

I wish we had a secondhand bookstore. Though I guess that wouldn't help with the number of books. :-) I have no idea how many I have. I should estimate that next time I "weed" them.

Well-Read Reviews said...

About 1,000 books? Oh so lucky! I am jealous!


Matt said...

I get rid of the ones that I absolutely don’t like, the ones that I rate as “Toss” in reviews. I tend to keep books that are of literary artistry.

pussreboots said...

I Bookcross my books. My post is here.

Mervi said...

I'm a hoarder at heart but because I rent, I have to limit the number of books I have.

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