Saturday, August 22, 2009

Review Copy Arrival: Singing the Song of Life: One Woman's Symphony by Debra Beryle

Singing the Song of Life: One Woman's Symphony by Debra Beryle

I received this from Emily Weiss at Langdon Street Press.

Publisher: Langdon Street Press
Publish Date: November 2009

You'll be mesmerized as you read how Dori bites into the apple of life with deep passion, allowing its juices to run down her chin. Her confidence, her intelligence, and her wisdom will inspire you as much as her intimate relationships will surprise you.

Singing the Song of Life is one woman's symphony where songs are the stage that provides the inspiration for her to dance her dreams and shed her tears, while living with a terminal thing called life. It is the story of one woman overcoming life's obstacles and triumphantly succeeding in life and love.

Her memoirs will entice you with:
  • Adventure - a riveting experience with a con man living in a fantasy world resulting in financial ruin.
  • Sizzling sex - a promise to coo in the bedroom rather than the kitchen;
  • Indestructible friendship - a marriage between her best friend and her second ex-husband and the startling results of their ultimate test of trust;
  • Family values - proof that blood is thicker than water; and
  • Three husbands - an affirmation that love is there for all of us.
All of this is woven together with touches of humor, Yiddish slang, and of course, her favorite songs.
I'm enthralled with the idea of music as a soundtrack for life so I am really looking forward to reading this memoir.


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