Thursday, July 16, 2009

Giveaway: The Brutal Telling ARC by Louise Penny

I have received an extra ARC of The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny and would love to send it to one of my readers. This book will out in hardback on October 1, 2009. I haven't read it yet, but it sounds very interesting and I am looking forward to reading and reviewing it.

Here's what Tara Cibelli the Marketing Manager had to say in the included letter:

Chaos is coming to the lovely, seemingly tranquil town of Three Pines, just over the Canadian border. It begins to show its face one morning when a murdered man is found lying on the old pine floor of the beloved bistro and antiques store run by Olivier and his partner, Gabri. No one has ever seen the man before--or admits to having seen him--until a mysterious cabin, filled with priceless treasures, is uncovered deep in the woods. Clearly the hermit must have lived there and died there, and someone has been bringing him fresh groceries--in exchange for what? And just how did Olivier make such a spectacular success of his antiques business?

Chief Inspector Gamache and his team are called in, and much as they personally like the man who has hosted so many wonderful meals, they must ask the uncomfortable questions. Meanwhile, the cabin yields up extraordinary pieces of evidence--from signed first editions of Charlotte's Web and Jane Eyre to a spider web with the word "WOE" in it--that will send Gamache to the remote Queen Charlotte ISlands in search of the hermit's secrets, then back to Three Pines to confront the brutal truth.
This giveaway is open to the US and Canada only. It will go through July 31, 2009. Please enter by:

  1. Commenting on my blog, make sure I have a way to contact you. (+1)
  2. Become a blog follower or let me know if you are already a follower (+1)
  3. Tell me if you have read Louise Penny before and what you thought of her (+1)
  4. Tweet about this review and giveaway, use @cfulcher in the tweet so I can find it (+1)
  5. Follow me on Twitter (or let me know if you are a current follower) (+1)
  6. Blog about this contest and let me know the link (sidebar or post is fine) (+1)
So there you go - 6 ways to get an entry into this contest. You can leave them in separate posts or one post, it doesn't matter, I will make sure you get your entries, just make sure to let me know what you do.


Marjorie said...

Taking care of #1 and #3 to enter the contest!

I love the books that Louise Penny has written (and I have told her so on her blog). She has created a world where I would love to live. Three Pines is a perfect village, if only it weren't for all those pesky murders going on! And Inspector Gamache (and his wife and his team) is a wonderful creation. I tell everyone I know in the mystery community about her books and I would love the chance to read the 5th book in the series before October. I am so glad that she is already working on the edit for the 6th installment.

Marjorie from Connecticut
email: c t m o o n m a i d @ a o l.c o m (all pushed together!)

Debbie said...

+1 I would love to win this one!
+1 I already follow via Google Reader
+1 I have never read anything by Louise Penny but would love to!
+1 I follow you on twitter
+1 I posted this on twitter



tetewa said...

I'd like to be included!

Jess said...

Just received your email about my previous win. Thanks for contacting me but do be sure to take care of yourself.
Please count me in for this giveaway. Thanks.

Lee said...

This sounds like a really good book and I'd love to read it. Thank you for the giveaway and please count me in.


Lee said...

I haven't read any Louise Penny books yet, but after reading about this one, I am definitely going to grab some of her books.


Lee said...

I already follow your blog


renee said...

I love reading books and would like to give this a read aswell, pleas enter me

renee said...

I have not read louise penny's books that i know of but would like to give her a try

renee said...

i am a follower

wade said...

+1..sounds like a great read
+1 follower

wadesherry@hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

i love to read books


Ninja Fanpire said...

+1 Contact:

+1 Following Blog

+1 Twittered

+1 Followed on Twitter

+1 Blogged:

Belinda M said...

Please include me in your giveaway.

+1 I follow your blog

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Marjorie said...

Marjorie from Woodstock-I am a new follower count me in.

cenya2 at hotmail dot com

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I'd love to be entered.

-i'm now following.

-i've never read anything by this author so I'm not so sure that counts as an entry. LOL

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Leslie said... leslie-lv at hotmail dot com(+1)

2.became a follower(+1)
3.I actually haven't read anything by her but I would def love to review the book for my blog (+1)
4.i tweeted and here's a link: (+1)
5.Following on twitter: @thatchickreads (+1)
6.Blogged about it here: (+1)

cherdon said...
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cherdon said...
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cherdon said...

Sure sounds like a great read..

Please count me in

Thanks for giveaway

cherdon said...

I follow your blog

cherdon said...

I have not read any of Louise Penny's books but would love to start with this one.

cherdon said...


cherdon said...

I follow you on twitter

ID - iamcherdon

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