Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Spring Reading Thing 2009 Wrap Up

Wow - the date slipped up on me, but the Spring Reading Thing 2009 hosted Katrina at Callapidder Days is now over. For the wrap-up post she gave us some questions we could answer. So I thought I would do that. In quick summary I read 56 books during this time. I reviewed some of them (don't have an actual count at this moment and enjoyed all of them.

  • Did you finish reading all the books on your spring reading list? If not, why not?
I must confess that my reading list kept evolving. I would say I read about 50% of what I originally posted and then changed the other 50%. I also read more books than I thought I would.
  • Did you stick to your original goals or did you change your list as you went along?
Changed my list - I just can't seem to help it - I want to be organized and have a plan on what to read, but then I seem to revolt when that list is in front of me.
  • What was your favorite book that you read this spring? Least favorite? Why?
My favorite(s) (I can never choose just one) were The Actor and the Housewife by Shannon Hale, Fragment by Warren Fahy, and Ms. Taken Identity by Dan Begley

I don't think I have a least favorite - the lowest score was to Strange Angels and I enjoyed it, I just wanted a little more action - but know that will come in the next book in the series. I really liked the characters.
  • Did you discover a new author or genre this spring? Did you love them? Not love them?
I think I started finding the more general fiction that leans toward the literary - I had read these from time-to-time, but not often. I explored it a little more lately and have found they are not stuffy boring books, but very good books so this was good for me.
  • Did you learn something new because of Spring Reading Thing 2009 — something about reading, or yourself, or a topic you read about?
I have read several small facts and things during the reading challenge. I have also learned that I like to read just about anything. I have read scientific suspense, chicklit, romance, young adult, general fiction, romantic suspense, regular suspense, paranormal and just about everything in between.
  • What was your favorite thing about the challenge?
Trying to stick to my reading list (which I failed out - but it was a good exercise) and setting a goal. I also think it was this challenge that helped springboard getting a good start on my blog.


Just Mom said...

56 books! Did you sleep or eat? Great job!

Anonymous said...

Great post and it gave me some good books to read! I was happy to see that I had read Thrasher the noir thriller by Bonnie Kozek and was excited to see she had the new book Just Before The Dawn. http://www.bonniekozek.com/ Honey's story grows deeper...it's quite the character.

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