Thursday, April 9, 2009

Booking Through Thursday - April 9

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For something different, I’m borrowing a question from … here! One of the very first questions ever at Booking Through Thursday. Back from 2005 when Laura owned the blog but, because it was so new, it didn’t get as many responses as it does now … so, why not revisit?

Here’s the question:

Some people read one book at a time. Some people have a number of them on the go at any given time, perhaps a reading in bed book, a breakfast table book, a bathroom book, and so on, which leads me to…

  1. Are you currently reading more than one book?
  2. If so, how many books are you currently reading?
  3. Is this normal for you?
  4. Where do you keep your current reads?

To see others answers see here.

1. I am currently reading more than one book
2. I am reading 4 books at this time:
  • Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult is my audiobook
  • At the Edge by Cait London is my carry-around book
  • When the Heart Cries by Cindy Woodsmall is my car book
  • Threshold by Bonnie Kozek as my review book.
3. About 3 is normal - 1 audio book, 1 for the car and 1 as my carry-around.
4. As described above - one is an audiobook which is on my mp3 player or on cds in the car, the carry-around book is either in my purse or my bag - this is my main reading book usually, the other is in the car for taking breaks at work (when I have to get away from my desk), and currently the review book is being carted around too. I always have something to read with me!

I'm off to see what others do about reading whether it's one at a time or multiples!


Bluestocking said...

I read multiple at a time. My answer is up.

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Sunny said...

I'm a one-book girl (or one fiction and one non-fiction). I haven't gotten into audio books yet.

Jess said...

I want to start listening to audio books but I think my commute is too short.

Cait London said...

I hope you enjoy At the Edge. I like my iPod, too, driving in the car and listening to podcasts and audio books is my favorite relaxation--other than reading a variety of books in bed. I'm a bed-reader :)

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