Thursday, March 19, 2009

See No Evil by Allison Brennan

I picked this one up as it was requested at PBS. Usually if I have it listed, I have decided I probably won't read it, but for some reason this one was calling to me. I had read her first series and the first one in this series back when it came out, but for some reason could not get into this one. That was not a problem this time and as soon as I get a couple more books read I'm moving on to Fear No Evil and then I plan to start last year's trilogy.

This installment in the "Evil" trilogy (Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Fear No Evil) centers around Julia Chandler an assistant district attorney and Conner Kincaid, brother to Carina Kincaid and former police officer. Julia and Chandler have a history and it's not a happy one since it centers on the time when he resigned from the police force. But Julia's niece, Emily, is in trouble and Conner has helped out before as a private eye to help find Emily and Julia needs him now since Emily's stepfather has been murdered and Emily looks like the prime suspect.

Julia, Conner and Conner's brother Dillon work together to sort out some strange happenings in their area and track down the killers to help prove Emily's innocence. On the way to that end, Julia and Conner have to work through their feelings from the past and the feelings that they are currently feeling.

Loaded with suspense with a side of romance, plus characters you really like, See No Evil is a great read from start to finish. EAch time I set this book down, I couldn't wait until I could pick it up next and see what Julia and Conner would do. The mystery is intricately woven and very enjoyable to try and figure out. The crimes and the subject matter are dark and handled very realistically but you don't feel bogged down by the whole plot. These characters will stay with you for awhile as well as the circumstances in which the crimes were committed. Ms. Brennan has another winner on her hands and I'm only sorry I didn't read this earlier!

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On Sale Date: February 27, 2007
Date Started: 03-17-09
Date Finished: 03-19-09
From: My bookshelf
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Rating: 4.5/5.0
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Setting: San Diego, CA
Characters: Julia Chandler, Conner Kincaid, Dillon Kincaid
Pages: 413


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