Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Book 68: Missing Persons by Shirlee McCoy

Lauren Owens has returned to Magnolia College to help out with an auction fundraiser and reconnect with her sister and college friends. However the time she chooses to come happens to coincide with a body being found underneath the sidewalk just a few weeks earlier on the Magnolia College Campus. She also happens to run into her high school sweetheart at the auction.

Seth Chartrand left Magnolia College looking for a more adventurous life and a more adventurous girlfriend than high school sweetheart Lauren Owens. Now he's returned to the small town with his son who he would do anything for, even bid on his old flame's services for a week.

The story has the undercurrent of the dead body found on the campus but doesn't advance it a whole lot. It was a good suspense, though I figured out what was going on about midway. It was still good. I don't think I ever connected with Seth or Lauren though. Which is unusual for me. She seemed a little cold and the final getting together a little too contrived. With that said it was still an enjoyable read and I will continue to read in this series to see where it leads. I was also disappointed that the first couple wasn't in the book very much - I really liked them and wanted to hear a little more about them. But the series is written by different authors so I realize that may be more difficult than when a series is written by one author.

Date Started
: 18 April 2008
Date Finished: 19 April 2008
From: My Bookshelf (via paperbackswap)
Rating: 3.5/5.0
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Christian
Category Line: Love Inspired Suspense
Miniseries: Reunion Revelations 2
Setting: Magnolia College, Georgia
Characters: Lauren Owens, Seth Chartrand
Pages: 247


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