Friday, April 4, 2008

Book 59: Forget-Me-Not by Marliss Melton

Helen Renault has finally decided to move on with her life, almost a year after her husband was declared missing after a SEAL mission gone wrong. The truth is he was gone from her life long before that so she is through with her mourning when he is officially declared dead. On the night she makes the decision to move on, she gets a phone call that her husband is still alive but he can't remember the last year or the two before that - the whole time that Helen and her daughter Mallory were in his life. She tentatively goes to see him sure she has the resolve to not fall for the cold, emotionally devoid man he had become before that mission.

Gabe has had a rough past but thankfully through some great role models he really made something of himself. Part of a SEAL team that were as close as family to him and he finally settles down with a woman. But because of his past he has remained somewhat aloof to his wife and step-daughter. Now sitting in a hospital bed, his wife and step-daughter step back into his life though he has no recollection of them.

Through time the memories start to come back and Helen is somewhat surprised that the man who her husband was before is not the man who has returned to her.

I'm never really sure how I like the husband/wife thing in romance books, I mean they are already together. This one it worked really well. Both sides had some giving to do and you really get to watch both of them grow. The daughter Mallory is a nice additional primary character. She really adds to the story. I also liked getting to know the other members of Gabe's SEAL team whose books will follow. Also the storyline is finalized enough for the end of the book, but there are some unanswered questions that lead into the next book.

A great start to a series and I can't wait to read more about this SEAL team. With real characters and a plausible scenario, the romance touches you and the action never stops. This book was a joy to read and I highly recommend it.

Date Started: 02 april 2008
Date Finished: 04 april 2008
From: my bookshelf (by way of paperbackswap)
Rating: 4.5/5.0
Genre: Romantic suspense
Setting: Coastal Virginia (Portsmouth area)
Characters: Gabe and Helen Renault, Mallory, Master Chief Sebastian Leon
Pages: 355


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