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Book Review: The Macgregor's Daughter by Dee Julian

The Macgregor's Daughter by Dee Julian
Publisher: Wild Child Publishing
Publish Date: June 23, 2009
Ebook,  178 pages

My Review:
Romance, daily life, intrigue, pirates, kings, dogs, horses and so much more.  This book has it all and packages it in a thrilling and romantic read.

Moving from the castle to England and back, this is an exciting book.  I loved the development of the characters of Dreya and Lucian and also Edwina who really livens the book up.  I liked the view of everyday life, it worked nicely against the excitement that was building and added to the story very nicely, giving another dimension of what life was like for Dreya.  This book gets you from the very beginning and I was always trying to figure out what would happen next.  Then the events unfolded and I was so caught up I lost track of time (and I was on the treadmill so that's saying something).  The romance has great tension, you can tell these two like each other, but they don't want to.  It has a sensual side to it, but stays on the sweet side which I can appreciate in a romance.  But you can feel the heat between these two and that makes it a great romance.

I haven't read much from this time period, but really liked it for a change from the typical historical romances.  Set towards the end of the American Revolution, but in England and Scotland was very interesting, though that part was mostly a backdrop for the story and setup for the events to come.

The addition of the Scottish brogue was a little difficult to read at first, but don't let that turn you off.  It eventually becomes second nature and I appreciated it because it really helped me discern the different characters better.  It was like hearing their voices in  my head and I enjoyed it.

So when it is all said and done, The Macgregor's Daughter is an excellent historical romance.  Lots of intrigue and excitement are in this one as well as well-developed characters.  It's an enjoyable read from start to finish and I look forward to reading more of Ms. Julian's books in the future.

Rating:  4.75/5.0

About the Book:
In 1776 England, American born Anadreya Macgregor is branded a spy by the arrogant Marquis of Canderlay. Despite her pleas of innocence, he refuses to listen and has her imprisoned. Aided by the Scottish father she never knew, Dreya escapes to Dragon's Breath Castle.

Five years later, the laird is missing and a badly injured Frenchman washes ashore. Dreya is wary of the blind and amnesic man, though something about him is hauntingly familiar. Is he an ally or a ruthless mercenary who stumbled upon her father's smuggling activities?

The stranger's vision and memory gradually return and Dreya discovers her fate and the continued existence of her clan might very well be in his hands. As the web of deception binding them together unravels, both are in danger of losing everything. Including their hearts.

About the Author:
Dee Julian lives in Memphis, TN with her husband, two children, and four dogs. A typical Virgo, she is passionate about everything she does. She is currently working on her second historical romance entitled Promise Me.

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FTC Information: I received this book from the author for review.  

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Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

This looks like something I would really like!! Awesome review!

Nightly Cafe said...

Amazing review and sounds intriguing. Scottish Brogue huh? I may have to add this title to my TBR :). Thanks for sharing.

Carrie said...

Great review I would really love to read this book it sounds so awesome!!

Martha Eskuchen said...

I loved this book too. You did a good review.

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