Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Ebook Release and Giveaway: Capturing Angels by V.C. Andrews

Pocket Star is releasing some great books in ebook format this month and they are letting me host giveaways for each of these new titles, so be sure to check back daily for the next few days for a new title to win. They have lots of great new books. Thrillers, Fantasy and Romance and make sure to check out their website for more exclusive content from bestselling and debut authors.

Here's today's offering:

Capturing Angels by V.C. Andrews
Pocket Star, August 2012
eBook, 384 pages
ISBN-10: 1451689543
ISBN-13: 9781451689549


V.C. Andrews, queen of Gothic fiction for twenty-five years, explores a new genre in her women’s fiction debut—available exclusively as an eBook. A young mother struggles to keep her marriage together in the wake of her daughter’s kidnapping…and to keep hope of her return alive.

Grace is the doting mother of Mary, an angelic five-year-old who charms everyone around her. But in one tragic moment at a local shopping mall, Grace looks down to discover that Mary is no longer at her side…and can’t be found anywhere. She and her husband wait by the phone for a ransom demand that never comes. For months Grace believes that Mary is somewhere, alive and safe, waiting to come home to her—but as her family and friends give up hope, Grace’s marriage begins to crumble. Only one detective, Sam Abraham, shares her determination to find Mary…but could his motives be less than altruistic?
As Sam and Mary work together to track Mary’s disappearance, they discover clues that this was more than a random kidnapping—and that Mary may have been special to more than just her mother…
Thank you to the marketing team at Pocket Books for allowing me to host this giveaway!  Open US/Canada only, ends 9/6.

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