Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekend Report (1)


I'm all about new things this week.  I've been following Christian Bookshelf several weeks, but this is my first time posting a Weekend Report.  The Weekend Report is just a summary of what I have accomplished in my reading life this week.  You can see what Melanie has read, reviewed and is reading at her Weekend Report and view others and add yours as well at Christian Bookshelf Reviews.

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What I'm currently reading:

Sizzling Sixteen is my audiobook in my car, Frantic is my next review book.

What I read:

What I reviewed (clicking on bookcovers will take you to the reviews):

Next Up:

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Busy week!  How was yours?

Scott Nicholson Kindle Freebie Alert

Many of you know I love Scott Nicholson and his books.  I always jump at the chance to promote his books and his Epic Kindle Giveaways.  This weekend  he has one of his box set of books up for free on Amazon and I wanted to let you know about it.  This box set includes the #1 Kindle suspense bestseller Disintegration and two other crime/mystery books.  Most of you know you don't have to have a Kindle to read Kindle books, you can read on your computer, your phone, your iPad, pretty much anything with one of the great Kindle apps, so snap up this freebie now.

Mystery Dance: Three Novels by Scott Nicholson
Disintegration, Crime Beat and The Skull Ring

MYSTERY DANCE: An omnibus edition containing more than 200,000 words.

Features the complete text of the #1 bestselling mystery and suspense novel Disintegration, The Skull Ring, Crime Beat, a short story, a bonus deleted chapter from Disintegration, and an essay about the novels.

DISINTEGRATION-- Two brothers view for a family empire built on deceit, dark secrets, and blood, and one woman stands between them while another waits in the shadows. Jacob's life falls apart when his brother Joshua returns to town after a tragic fire and they return to the twisted roles of their childhood.

THE SKULL RING-- Julia Stone pieces together her shattered childhood memories, but then the past comes closing in when she finds a mysterious silver ring. Three men want to help her, but choosing the wrong ally can cost not only her heart but her soul.

CRIME BEAT-- Crime doesn't pay...but neither does journalism. When a new reporter moves to a small town, a crime spree escalates into serial killing.

Also contains "Dead Air" the from collection CURTAINS. DRM free.