Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just a note (my health and blogging)

My posting may be a little more sporadic over the next few weeks.  My health has returned to the state it was in in 2009 when I had two brain surgeries.  This all sounds worse than it really is (or I'm good at downplaying things).  I have a series of cysts in my spinal column that give me fits (a completely numb right arm plus pain) along with Chiari Malformation.  It's hard to explain, so I won't go into it.  Just suffice it to say that my health is in a state of decline at the moment.  I am tired, in pain and just feeling out of it.  With work and kids, plus we still have a week and a half of baseball season, I am worn out.

With all of that - I plan on fulfilling all of my commitments, I just may be a little bit slower at it.  I know there are days I will stay home in bed and then I can catch up on reading.  Please continue to follow my blog as I do plan on continuing to post some giveaways and reviews.  Just be patient, I may not be around every day. 

I am scheduled for an MRI and clinic appointment with my neurosurgeon on June 6th and hopefully then we will get to the bottom of what is going on.  Please if you will, lift me up in your prayers (and my family) or send happy thoughts.  They would be most appreciated.

I love this blog and the people and authors I meet so I plan to never abandon it and I am looking forward to Armchair BEA next week so stay tuned for that. 

Thanks everyone!