Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Author Interview: Monica Brinkman (Turn of the Karmic Wheel)

Today I would like to welcome Monica Brinkman to My Reading Room.  Monica is author of Turn of the Karmic Wheel which I spotlighted and reviewed yesterday.  Welcome Monica!

How did you celebrate when you found out Turn of the Karmic Wheel would be published?

After my initial reaction of squealing with delight, rushing to my spouses side and hugging him, I decided that since it occurred it August, I would hold an ‘August Party’ to celebrate, not only the acceptance of my manuscript for publication, but also to celebrate all birthdays and anniversaries in August. I made traditional lasagna and antipasto. It was wonderful being surrounded by those I love who are supportive of my writing endeavors.

How would you describe Turn of the Karmic Wheel to others?

A story of justice in an unjust world, a tale which will leave you contemplating the choices you have made in life, a book written to bring people hope where they may have none.

You see, I wrote this book in a unique manner where each reader will get their own personal ‘take’ on the books meaning. It has been quite interesting to read the reviews and comments from the readers. Though they have embraced the book, each has found their own interpretation of the meaning of the work.
Set in a small, college town in Missouri, it is universal in its story. It touches on suspense, horror, spirituality and a touch of the paranormal. One weekend, when universal law takes over, forcing individuals to come face to face with their actions and choices made in life.

Where did the idea for Turn of the Karmic Wheel come from?

A profound need to show the world their deeds and actions in life hold purpose.
It was from the point of loving humankind that I felt this story must be told.

I have heard the voice of many who question why they bother to live with morals, high principles and fine ethics. As they continue life’s journey, they doubt their individual actions have meaning or affect others. Some turn to greed, corruptness and self-indulgence or live their lives a shell of their former selves.

Also, I found so many popular books written about false realities, other worlds and dimensions, surely a sign people are wishing to escape from the pain life has brought them. There is certainly nothing wrong with this but why not create a book that involves magical surrealism along with reality?

Did you plan this book out or do you just write and see where it took you?
The concept of the story has been with me for years awaiting its release. As I knew the basic outline, I narrowed in on the characters and how I wished to present them to the reader. Once this was satisfactory, it was a matter of sitting down at the computer as the words flowed forth in rapid succession. This element of writing was easy; it is the editing which is more difficult. The characters are real to you and it is as if you are silencing their voice when editing is performed. Getting the correct balance of omission and retention, while maintaining the characterizations and story line is the most challenging, yet rewording aspect.

Do you get time to read? What are your favorite types of books to read?
I make time to read and am currently reading many new authors books to review.  In fact, I am finding how enjoyable and diverse the stories.

I tend to read books that are a bit different from the norm as I am a huge fan of     creativity.  I want the book to question accepted behavior or beliefs to some degree and make me think. Break the rules a bit, please.

Fiction is my favorite and I adore that touch of surrealism. I also like horror if it is not bloody and torturous, the type of horror that jumps out at you when you least expect it approaching from everyday items or settings.

Most recently, I have read ‘The Healings, by Oana, Flashes From the Other World, by Julie Ann Weinstein, and Widows Walk, by Kenneth Weene, though I have several books on my ‘to read’ list. What sets these books apart from others is the fact they all have great meaning and made me think while being humorous and enjoyable.

One more type of writing I may never omit is poetry, as I am a poet at heart, along with Flash Fiction. Presently, I am set to read, Flashing My Shorts, by Salvatore Buttaci. It has been highly recommended.

What is your favorite room in your house?

The office, which in reality is ‘my room.’ Not only does it hold the computer for endless writing but also it is where my oil and acrylic painting supplies are stored.  My cat, Punky, and I get lost in this room for hours and sometimes an entire weekend. Thank goodness, my husband understands, though I do believe he harbors some resentment toward the computer.

What is your favorite spot to read in?

The bedroom where I can snuggle under the covers, lay my head against the pillows and get lost in a story.  It is my place to get warm and fuzzy.

What is your favorite snack food?

Cashews are my indulgence.  I find that they are easy to tote and don’t spread the hips and midriff area as much as cookies and brownies. 

What is your favorite season?

I’m contemplating the answer to this question. Perhaps it is not so much what is my favorite season rather why I enjoy each time of year.
Spring allows me the joy of gardening, the feel of the earth and brings forth the beauty of flowers, the time our animal kingdom mates and bares new life.
Summer provides enjoyment of reunions, barbecues and family connections.

Fall, perhaps the most beautiful of all seasons, inspires the artist within my soul to capture the essence of the multi-colored scenery via acrylic and oils. It reminds us that the ever changing leave colors capture their magnificence through pending death as they fall in mass upon the ground.

Winter, though bitter cold, reminds you of the pure enjoyment of home as you sit beside the fireplace or snuggle close to your loved ones. Such a restful period and perhaps a time I tend to write more often.

Do you have a schedule for writing each day or do you just do it when you can?

It varies according to the responsibilities and commitments in my life. Though I would love to write every single day, I find it happens in waves of inspiration.  If forced, the words do not seem precise and I find myself rewriting this entire portion of the story. All in all, I write at least the equivalent of two days per week.

Any book signings/conferences/public/blog appearances in the near future?

Can we set something up? Sorry, couldn’t pass that one by.

My book signings will not take place until the Spring due to the impeding weather but I do have several places I am set for blogging and review the remainder of November and into December. Here is a list of the November appearances as I am awaiting the December dates and sites. You may also find my blogs at my web site, Meaningful Writings http://www.monicabrinkmanbooks.webs.com
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Do you have a new book in the works?

Two are in the works presently.  The first is the sequel to The Turn of the Karmic Wheel, aptly named The Wheels Final Turn. I don’t expect it to be released until the end of 2011 or the beginning of 2012 due to the intensity of the subject matter and the length of the book. It should bring a few surprises to those who read The Turn of the Karmic Wheel.

Anything else you would like to say?

Thank you for asking as I do have two communications to voice.

One of the main reasons I wrote The Turn of the Karmic Wheel was to provide much needed funding to EBMRF or ebkids.org. They are a medical foundation who research Epidermolysis Bullosa or EB.  If you haven’t’ heard of EB, don’t feel alone. It is a rare, incurable genetic disease and one in nine million children throughout the world are born with EB. They live a painful life, their limbs ultimately deforming. In fact, if you saw one of these children or young adults, you would believe them to be a victim of fire, their arms, legs, feet and hands wrapped in gauze bandages.

I have pledged to EBMR a donation from each sale of, The Turn of the Karmic Wheel. I am hopeful the readers of the world will enjoy my story along with knowing the purchase shall provide funds for EBMRF.  A gift that keeps on giving.

The other immediate thought is to suggest to our readers and authors, they reach out to unknown authors. Some of the most interesting stories I have read have been from the less known writers. Go to Amazon and read a bit of the book for many authors have the ‘Look Inside’ accessibility.  If you like it, purchase it and share it with your friends. In addition, many readers fail to realize the importance of communicating with authors or writing reviews on the book sites.  As with any marketable item, popularity means the items success or failure.  I know the authors would appreciate the time and effort put forth. In fact, my website, Meaningful Writings showcases some books I favor.

In addition, readers, if you’d love to have your voice heard, be sure to check out our blogtalkradio show, Six Unsynchronized Souls. We discuss different topics and air the first and last Thursday of each month. Everyone is welcome to call in live or go to the internet and chat with us. The show is relaxed and all about fun and communication. Here is the link if you’d like to check us out http://www.blogtalkradio.com/search/six-unsynchronized-souls/

Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to speak of what is inside this crazy mind of mine and showcasing my work.  It has been a pleasure.

Thank you Monica for joining us today!