Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Author Interview: Kelley Vitollo (Lucky Break)

Today I welcome Kelley Vitollo, author of Lucky Break, the first book in the Shamrock Falls series.  It's the story of Sidney and Kade and I love it.  So grab your favorite cuppa and learn a little more about Kelley and Lucky Break.  Then come back later today for my review of Lucky Break.

What three things do you need in order to write? 
Honesty? I’m pretty easy when it comes to writing. I have young kids and cartoons in the background. LOL. My writing time is sporadic and I get interrupted a lot. As long as I have my laptop and a notebook, I’m good J

What's your favorite season?  
Fall. I love fall. Love changing leaves and getting ready for hot apple cider and cooking in my crockpot.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?  
Scotland or Ireland. I’ve always wanted to go one of those places. And I love castles. I want to go explore as many castles as I can.

What's the first sentence of Lucky Break?  

“I have a new man, and we’re hitting the road next week.”

Tell us what is Lucky Break about.  
It’s a friends to lovers story about a small-town girl who leaves home and her best friend behind for Hollywood. When Sidney returns years later, Kade (the best friend) is there as well and sparks fly. It’s about coming home again, finding yourself, second chances and discovering who you really are and what you want.

Dish, who’s your favorite character?  
That’s hard! I love each for a different reason. I love Sidney for being real and not perfect, but for having the courage to go for what she wants. I love Kade for his loyalty and great ability to love. Rowan, another friend of theirs (her book comes out next, LUCK OF THE DRAW) is another of my favorites too. She’s spunky and fun.

How did you feel when you finished Lucky Break?  
Excited! I love giving characters their happily ever after.

What can we expect next from you?  
Book two in the Shamrock Fall series, LUCK OF THE DRAW is out in December. Like I said, it’s Rowan’s story. After that we’ll get Jace!

Thanks Kelley!

Thank you so much for having me! 

About Lucky Break:
She’ll gamble her heart on the best friend she left behind…

One lucky break is all struggling actress Sidney Williams needs. But when living the LA life becomes too much, she heads back to the small town of Shamrock Falls for the vacation she needs to get her life on track—and immediately runs into Kade Mitchell, her former best friend and the boy next door she’s always regretted leaving behind.

Kade, the new owner of Lucky’s—once the most popular bar in Shamrock Falls—is determined to bring the place back to its former glory, and seeing Sidney again is a distraction he doesn’t need. Sure, the chemistry between them is explosive, but Kade can’t let himself fall into a fling with his best friend—not when he knows she’s soon heading back to the glitter of Tinseltown.

Now, with the possibility of her first major acting role looming, Sidney must decide if her lucky break is in Hollywood or right where she left it—in Shamrock Falls.