Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BlogFest 2010: The Winners

Wow - it doesn't get much more amazing than that.  I believe BlogFest 2010 was a success.  Many thanks go out to Cinnamon at A Journey of Books for all she did to coordinate this.  I made my way through a lot of the blogs and I have even found out I won something aready!  The best thing though is new blogs to read, that is what I love about things like BlogFest.  I gained new followers and for that I thank all of you - new and old followers alike.  (My husband still wants to know if I can command you to do things, but I told him it's not that kind of followers).

Also I apologize to all international people - I really wish I could open my giveaways internationally, but I am strapped for cash right now, with the economy like it is and my husband self-employed there is not a lot of spare money at the moment.  I don't have advertisers on my blog so I don't make money at this therefore I have to do what I can.  I will try to do an international giveaway again soon.

So on to what you want to know - who won my giveaways.  I think this was my most-participated giveaways to-date with 143 people entering to win The Fall, 193 people entered for Maybe Next Time and 163 entered for You.  This was the individuals entering, not the total number of entries.

The Fall: Book Two of the 
Strain Trilogy
An ARC of The Fall by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan (I just finished The Strain and can't wait to read this one), there were 453 total entries and entrant 7 was the winner:

Brooke (texas_gal45)

 Maybe This Time 
An ARC of Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie- 572 entries total, winning entry: 199

Melissa Robinson-Arezzi

An ARC of You by Charles Benoit - 503 total entries - winning entry - 49


Thanks to all the participants, the winners have been notified by email and have 48 hours to contact me or I will redraw a name.