Friday, May 25, 2012

My Friday Love (1)

I just found this meme but it looks like a lot of fun, especially today's question.  It fit well for what I am reading this week.  My Friday Love is hosted by Bewitched Bookworms so head over there to link up and see everyone's answers.  So this week's question is:

Which Guy did you meet this week in literature that is swoon worthy??

It's been a slow reading week due to being busy so I have mainly been with one guy ;)  And his name is Nick Gautier.  Yes I am reading:

Infamous by Sherrilyn Kenyon is the third book in the Chronicles of Nick and I am really enjoying this series.  I loved Nick in the Dark Hunters series (which I am woefully behind on now) so it is really cool to see his back story now. 

So I am swooning over sarcastic yet witty Nick this week.  Sure there are hunkier guys that make their appearances, Kyrian and Ash being two of them, but I am a sucker for a sarcastic witty guy.  And to top it off, Nick would do anything to please his Momma.  What a boy.  I love Nick as a character, but it's more like love of a son here.  But he's still swoon-worthy because how he is in these books is how I hope my sons will turn out (okay minus some of the sarcasm).  He is trying to get through that awkward teenager phase, do the right thing, and he has to do it while dealing with all these crazy things coming after him at the same time.  Poor guy.  I'm just glad he has some good friends and protectors around to help him.

So if you've read the Dark Hunters, you should check out this series, yes it's YA, but it's fun to see Nick.  If you haven't read the Dark Hunters series, this is a great way to start, it doesn't give anything away and it's a great intro and you get to meet Nick.

Who are you swooning over this week?  And make sure you enter my Splash into Summer giveaway, click on the graphic on my sidebar for a $10 Amazon GC.