Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Guest Post: Character Tweets from Effie at the Wedding by Trac Marchini

Today Tracy Marchini, author of Effie At The Wedding is joining me today for her stop on the Teen Book Scene Tour and you are in for a treat.  This stop is character tweets and it is quite amusing so make sure you read and enjoy, I did and so did the tour coordinator.

Character Tweets:

OpheliaLuvsGeorge: Does anybody eat their whole anniversary cake top? Would it be bad luck
to eat it before a year?

EffiesList: @OpheliaLuvsGeorge Let’s add a moldy cake top to the list of reasons why wedding
cakes are ridiculous

OpheliasMom: @EffiesList Effie, be nice! You shouldn’t eat the cake anyway.

@OpheliaLuvsGeorge You have to wait the year, otherwise it’s bad luck!!!!!!!!

@OpheliasMom ::grabs eyes:: Sorry, just got gouged by all the punctuation marks in
your last tweet, Mom.

DM @OpheliaLuvsGeorge This is why mothers should be banned from FB and
Twitter. Could she not have kept

EffiesList: DM @OpheliaLuvsGeorge ….that cake comment to herself?!

OpheliaLuvsGeorge: DM @EffiesList I guess we can hope she gets bored of Twitter? I’ll talk
to her about inappropriate tweets.

EffiesList: DM @OpheliaLuvsGeorge You’re my hero.

OpheliaLuvsGeorge: DM @EffiesList I know. What are you going to do without me? :-P

EffiesList: DM @OpheliaLuvsGeorge Cry myself to sleep every night, obviously. And take
your old room, bc it’s bigger.

OpheliaLuvsGeorge: @MDGeorge I hope you like moldy cake! J

MDGeorge: FM @OpheliaLuvsGeorge I would eat two moldy cakes to be your husband! <3

@MDGeorge @OpheliaLuvsGeorge Gag me with a spoonful of moldy cake.
Seriously guys. Gross.

MDGeorge: DM @OpheliaLuvsGeorge Sorry honey, that was supposed to be a direct mssg.

OpheliasMom: Awww, that’s very sweet @MDGeorge!!!!!

OpheliasMom: @OpheliaLuvsGeorge @MDGeorge This cake would match the dresses! http://

DM @OpheliaLuvsGeorge It looks like it was attacked by pink Chiclets.

OpheliaLuvsGeorge: @OpheliasMom It’s nice, but I think we’re going in another direction.

MDGeorge: DM @OpheliaLuvsGeorge Doesn’t it remind you of that gum stuff?

DM @MDGeorge lol, that’s just what Effie said!

EffiesList: Signing off. @OpheliasMom, try to keep the embarrassment to a minimum, please.

OpheliasMom: @EffiesList It’s not like anybody can SEE what I’m saying.

EffiesList: @OpheliasMom ….it’s Twitter.

OpheliasMom: @EffiesList But I’m only following five people?

EffiesList: @OpheliasMom How many people are following you?

OpheliasMom; @EffiesList I don’t know!!!! How would I know???

EffiesList: DM @OpheliasMom OMG! You have 600 followers… and they go to my school!

EffiesList: DM @OpheliasMom You HAVE to stop tweeting. Right. Now.

OpheliasMom: 600 people?!? I’m so popular!!!!! Hello Twitter peoples!

:::Effie signs off Twitter:::

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