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Book Review: Soul Screamers Book One by Rachel Vincent

Soul Screamers Book One by Rachel Vincent
(includes My Soul to Lose, My Soul to Take and My Soul to Save)
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Publish Date: November 22, 2011
Paperback, 570 pages 
Fiction, Young Adult, Paranormal
 ISBN: 978-1937293147
Soul Screamers Series books #0.5, 1 and 2

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My Review:
I read these slightly out of order.  My library had the first book, but not the second so I read the first, then ordered the ebook of this together.  I know that kind of does not make sense, but in a way it did.  It was only a little more and I got all 2.5 books together, and I'm guessing this is a series I will want to re-read in the future so there you go, I already have the first books ready-to-go.  I am hoping the next books in the series will come out in an omnibus like this one as well and even though my library has the future books I plan on purchasing any future omnibus.  I love the series that much.

On to these books.  First My Soul To Lose, which I actually read second.  A short novella, that I believe was actually written after the first book (and maybe even the second, yes I could look it up, but I'm feeling lazy).  This one just gives a brief story of the background we as readers see in My Soul To Take when Kaylee first sees someone die and screams for them.  This is when her aunt and uncle lock her up in the psychiatric ward of the hospital.  Most of the story takes place there.  Like I said this is mainly background and I found it to be a quick and interesting story.  I think it would have been more effective for me if I had read it first, but I still really enjoyed it.  So those of you just starting the series, read it first, get your first taste of Kaylee and then move on to . . .

Next up is My Soul To Take, which I actually read first.  With this book I was hooked on the world of the Soul Screamers.  First there is Kaylee.  What is there not to love about Kaylee.  She is loyal to her friends, hates her cousin who hates her, is sarcastic and witty and ends up with a very hot boyfriend, yet doesn't let it go to her head.  Oh and while dealing with this and high school she also learns she's a bean sidhe and that Nash is one also.  And if things can't get crazier than that girls in her school seem to be dying and there are rules to saving lives as a bean sidhe.  After 16 years of normal life Kaylee is in for the surprise of her life.  To me this book was very fresh.  It had an interesting premise and the plot was fast moving and had a number of twists and turns and I didn't see the ending that happened coming.  I enjoyed getting to know Kaylee and Nash and love them as a couple and look forward to more of them in future books.  I also love Emma, Kaylee's best friend and Tod.  Ms. Vincent has created a very interesting world and a fun cast of characters.  This first full book was a true winner for me and I was glad the second book was ready and waiting for me.

The final book in this omnibus is My Soul to Save.  If I thought the first one was fast-paced this one is even more so.  At a concert, Kaylee and Nash watch pop sensation Eden drop dead on stage, but Kaylee has no urge to scream which confuses her.  I seems in the twisted world of teen pop stars that some are selling their souls to the underworld and since this certain pop star used to date Tod, this causes Nash, Kaylee and Tod to team up to help save the life of Eden.  As Kaylee learns more about the underworld and navigates life with her Dad and her romance with Nash, this one really heats up.  Throw some Tod into the mix and things always get interesting.  Action, romance, humor, My Soul To Save has it all.  I think I pretty much sped through this one and was ready for the next one.  Again I'm glad I'm coming to this series late.  Another nice thing.  While the books are connected, there are no terrible cliff-hangers at the end of the books.  Ms. Vincent typically ties up the storyline from the book in each book, but the romance, the family situation and her life as a bean sidhe are the over-arcing storyline that ties the series together.  I like this.  It makes me anxious for the next book to see what happens next but not overanxious because she left me with a cliffhanger.

Overall, this series is a real winner.  Quick easy reads with great entertainment value and wonderful characters that continue to grow and evolve from book to book.  This has quickly become one of my favorite YA series.  It's a nice light series while dealing with some issues it still doesn't take itself too seriously, it just has a nice balance and it will keep me coming back for more.  I've already finished book 3, My Soul to Keep (review to come), and will be starting book 4, My Soul to Steal, very soon.  Book 6, Before I Wake will be out at the end of June and I want to be caught up then (and yes I plan on pre-ordering!)

My Rating: 5.0/5.0

Parental guidance: There is some language and some romantic involvement on the part  of Kaylee and Nash.  Nothing too overt, but it is there.  I recommend this book for ages 14+, or if you are a comfortable parent, 12+, hey they are great books, so moms, read them yourselves and see! :)

Soul Screamers Series
My Soul to Lose (prequel novella)
My Soul to Take
My Soul to Save
My Soul to Keep
Reaper (Book IV prequel)
My Soul to Steal

If I Die

About the Book:
It starts with a scream….New York Times bestselling author Rachel Vincent's compelling Soul Screamers series keeps getting better—here, for the first time, the original stories are compiled into one special volume….

My Soul to Lose—The prequel: never before in print!—Kaylee is just your average girl shopping at the mall with friends—until a terrified scream bursts from her that cannot be stopped. Taken to a hospital ward, will she be able to save her mind—and her life? 

My Soul to Take  She's always felt different, but now Kaylee discovers why. The screams that cannot be denied mean that someone near her will die—and she can never save them. Because saving one life means taking another…. 

My Soul to Save  Going on dates with her boyfriend is still new to Kaylee. But when the singer of the band they're seeing dies onstage and Kaylee doesn't scream, she knows something crazy is going on. Soon she discovers souls can indeed be sold…

About the Author (from 
A resident of San Antonio, Rachel Vincent has a BA in English and an overactive imagination, and consistently finds the latter to be more practical. She shares her workspace with two black cats (Kaci and Nyx) and her # 1 fan. Rachel is older than she looks-seriously-and younger than she feels, but remains convinced that for every day she spends writing, one more day will be added to her lifespan.


FTC Information: I purchased this book so this is my own honest review. I would love it if Rachel provided me with books, but thankfully my library has her books and I was able to buy this set (which is a really good deal if you have not started the series!) I do make money from purchases made at The Book Depository and B&, but all money is used to fund giveaways and shipping for giveaways from the blog.

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