Friday, December 27, 2013


Hi all!  Due to my health which has been kind of off this fall/winter and just the general too-much to do of life of a parent, wife and a full-time job I am going to take a hiatus.  I am not reading much, cannot keep up with the commitments of the blog and just feel tired and worn out.  So I need to reduce somewhere in my life and it has to be with my blog.

I'm not sure how long the hiatus will be.  Could be a few weeks, could be a month or two and it could be permanent.  I'm geting to the point I just want to read the large collection of books I have and get others for my Kindle and from the library as I go.  I just want the freedom of stepping away for awhile and not having this stress in my life (and if you are a blogger with a full life you understand the stress running a blog can be.

I'll keep you informed.  If you pray, please send up an extra for me.  I'm hoping in the New Year to get some answers and a firm diagnosis for what is wrong with me. I've gone for years under the catch-all of fibromyalgia, but all my doctors have told me there is something else there and they aren't sure this is the right diagnosis.  I've had brain surgery twice, know I have cysts in my spinal column that account for some of the problems, but not all.  I just want a name and a method to go on with my life in the way that I use to or even just understanding my new normal better.  Something, anything.  I may not get it, but I'm going to really try this time.  Until then I'm concentrating on one foot in front of the other, working to get some exercise in to keep my body moving and I have taken up crochet because it really helps take my mind off of the constant pain (and it's fun). 

So thank you everyone who has stuck with me.  You have been awesome.  If I don't restart the blog, I'll be around the blogosphere I am sure. 

Take care and have a wonderful New Year!