Thursday, January 5, 2012

Playlist for Don't Breathe a Word by Holly Cupala + Giveaway

Hello, and thanks to Crystal for celebrating the release of Don’t Breathe a Word and inviting me to stop by and chat about the playlist! Music is a huge part of Don’t Breathe a Word—Joy escapes
her secretly abusive life to a life on the streets with a new family…including Creed, the dreamy
musician who teaches her about survival and love.

Crystal asked me to tell you a little bit about the playlist—songs that both inspired the novel or
captured the emotional undercurrents of Joy and Creed’s story. I hope you enjoy!

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(note: use the pop-out player to see the music - I don't know why it won't show up in my post, but the music shows up in the pop-out player)

This is Your Life, Switchfoot – Everything seems perfect in Joy’s life on the surface…so when
did it spin out of control? Nothing is what it seems, and there is only one way out.

I’m With You, Avril Lavigne – Even though Joy has spoken to Creed only once, his music speaks to her soul and calls her to believe his words: If you ever need help, you know where to find me.

Street Spirit (Fade Out), Radiohead – This is such a deeply painful and hopeless song, reminding me of the plight of many on the street. Joy begins to feel this kind of hopelessness before she meets May, Santos, and Creed.

You’re Not Alone, Saosin – Things change for Joy when she meets Creed, May, and Santos. But
there are challenges even in finding a new family…especially when they have secrets of their

I Will Follow You into the Dark, Death Cab for Cutie – A song about life, death, loyalty, and love. Joy will find all of them, but in this moment, she finds only happiness.

Curl Up & Die, Relient K – Joy wants nothing but to rest her restless soul, but first she must
navigate her loyalty to her new family and the growing feelings she has for Creed.

Something of an End, My Brightest Diamond – Some good things must come to an end…and
some things shatter. When I heard this song, it gave me chills because it so closely mirrored such
a scene in DBAW.

Seventeen Forever, Metro Station – “We’re one mistake from being together, but let’s not ask
why it’s not right. You won’t be seventeen forever, and we can get away with this tonight…”

You Are More, Tenth Avenue North – Joy comes to a place where she must make a choice—to
stay silent and safe, or to speak and save the life of a friend.

Pride (In the Name of Love), U2 – A song of love, of triumph, of discovering that words have
power…and the power is love.

There are two songs I wasn’t able to include in the playlist—Deserter by Splashdown and
Frontload by Freezepop. I’ve loved Deserter for a long time, and it captures the essence of Joy’s story (that’s why we decided to use it for the DBAW trailer). Frontload is the song Joy and her friends are singing the night Asher shows his true colors…and the night Joy first meets Creed.
Plus it’s an awesome song!

Check out the rest of the DBAW tour for lots of chances to win books and prizes. Thank you,
Crystal, for having me to your blog, and I hope readers love Don’t Breathe a Word!

Don't Breathe a Word preview

DBAW at IndieBound

Harper has been kind enough to give Holly enough copies of DBaW to do a prize per day of the tour! And trust me when I say you want this book - my review will be coming next week - I read this months ago and it still sticks with me.  It's amazing!

Here is the details of how this is going to work:
*There will be one book given per day, drawn weekly. Everything entered by Saturday night will be put into a drawing on Sunday.
*The points DO accumulate, meaning entries put in for week one are still going to count for the drawings in weeks 2 and 3. (This is to reward those who follow/enter from the start, and doesn't punish them later because their entries are more spread out)

*There is one automatic entry
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There will be ONE international winner a week, assuming an international person gets drawn.  If the winner is international, they will be getting a copy from The Book Depository. US/Canada copies will be mailed from Holly and the copies will be signed.

The final drawing will held Sunday, January 15, and will include all entries through midnight CST Sat, Jan 14.