Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Guest Blog: The Skull Ring: In Memory of Evil by Scott Nicholson + Giveaways

The Skull Ring: In Memory of Evil
By Scott Nicholson

What would you do if you thought your father might have sold your soul to the devil?

That’s a question Julia Stone struggles with in The Skull Ring, except the devil doesn’t exist.

Probably. It depends on whether she believes her shrink or not.

Julia can’t trust her own memories as sinister forces from the past close in around her. The book was inspired by my research into False Recovered Memory Syndrome that was a diagnosis du jour in the 1980s. It usually went hand in hand with Satanic Ritual Abuse, in which thousands and thousands of women in therapy seemed to recall being the sacrificial victims of Satan-worshipping cults.

In researching the novel, I dug into the psychological case books and the diagnostic manuals, researching details of actual cases and the mumbo jumbo of the modern voodoo called “Psychology.” really, a counselor with a wicked streak can do a lot of damage, and when you combine that with a belief that one serves a higher, darker purpose, then how can a mere mortal stand a chance?

Before the diagnosis eventually became ridiculed, a number of psychologists built reputations by ‘uncovering” so many childhood victims of ritual abuse that it seemed like there must be a coven on every street corner. The problem with all these claims was that not one shred of evidence and not one skeleton of a sacrificed baby was ever discovered, though law-enforcement agencies regularly receive “education” on the insidious cult influences in our schools and neighborhoods. Of course, that’s exactly what Satan would want us to believe, right?

My research naturally went to the Internet, where I found the organized Church of Satan is as scrubbed-up and orderly as any Christian denomination, more intent on selling you marked-up regalia and ceremonial talismans than encouraging evil intent. The core principle is selfishness, not so different from many other organized belief systems. And Julia Stone is a victim of this selfishness, rebuilding her life and her past after her father disappeared and she was injured during a long-ago night of chants, fire, and people in hoods.

Now the past has followed her to the peaceful town of Elkwood, where a mutilated body turns up in a local river. Someone knows about her past and is leaving taunting and cruel clues around her house. Her lawyer boyfriend is turning violent and the local handyman seems all too eager to share his religious views. Then Julia discovers children’s bones under her house, the ring closes in, and the chase is on through the Appalachian wilderness, where even nature seems to be on Satan’s side.

Julia Stone will remember, even if it kills her.


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