About Me

My name is Crystal and I am voracious reader of all kinds of books. Book blogging has introduced me to so many wonderful authors and books, so I am glad I opened that door of my life. I started blogging regularly in March of 2009.

I live on the coast of NC with my husband, and two sons (see all of us above). I work in marine science and love my job. I also like to crochet and sew when I get a chance. Reading is probably my first love after my family though. I love young adult books, romance, romantic suspense, suspense, historical fiction and general fiction. I have been branching out into non-fiction lately too.

Some of my favorite authors are Stephen King, Jodi Picoult, J.P. O'Donnell, Maggie Stiefvater, Cecily von Ziegesar (love Gossip Girl), Anita Shreve, James Patterson (I still enjoy the Alex Cross series), Karen Rose, and Nora Roberts.

I love reading new authors - some of them have really wonderful books to offer, they just don't have the advertising dollars to back them yet.

I'm on my second Kindle. I had the 2nd generation but gave that to my husband when I got the Fire, and I'm eying the Paperwhite just because I miss the ease of reading outside that the 2nd generation had but the Fire seems to be lacking.  But I love the backlit screen for reading in the dark! I never thought I would give up print books, but having a Kindle is very nice. I still won't give up print books, but ebooks are a good thing too.