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Book Review: A Killer Among Us by Lynette Eason

Killer Among Us, A: A Novel (Women of Justice)A Killer Among Us by Lynette Eason
Publisher: Revell
Publish Date: May 1, 2011
Paperback, 345 pages
Romantic Suspense, Women of Justice Series, #3
ISBN: 978-0800733711

My Review:
Why I read this:  I read Don't Look Back (review) a few months ago and Too Close to Home before that (review) and loved both so I was eager to complete the trilogy.

My thoughts: This book focuses on Kit Kenyon who has recently found out she is adopted and has found her birth family.  I don't want to go into much more detail about that or spoilers will be given and most of you know I try to keep spoilers to a minimum on this blog.  Kit is a police officer and a hostage negotiator teamed with Noah Lambert who has just lost a female partner and is not eager to partner with a new one.  As you can imagine, there is tension at first, but then Kit and Noah get to know each other and are facing a serious case of murders that seem related but they can't figure out who can be doing it.  Not only are they dealing with solving the murders, but it appears they must be getting too close because someone seems to be after them as well.

I enjoyed getting to know Kit more in this book and seeing more of Jamie, Sam, Connor and Dakota.  I also liked being introduced to Noah.  He's a great character and while we don't learn much about his backstory, Ms. Eason does a great job of developing him in the present. 

The case in this book is fascinating.  It seems a serial killer is on the loose and Noah and Kit are first and foremost on the investigative team.  Not only does the reader get a view into the investigation and the good guys.  We also get to see the "Judge" who is the bad guy without revealing who he or she is.  A couple of times I thought it was easy and had it figured out, then Ms. Eason made it seem like it could be someone else.  She did a great job setting up the plot and the possibilities of bad guys that kept me guessing until it was finally time to reveal the bad guy.

The romance is more in the background, but it is there just like in the earlier books.  Neither Noah or Kit are sure they want to become involved with a partner, but they both realize they have a chemistry that is more than just a working relationship.  I liked watching their feelings develop and feel they make a great team on and off the police force.

Ms. Eason has rounded out this series of books very well with a third solid story.  All three can stand alone, but I recommend if you read one (in any order) that you read them all.  Ms. Eason has a way with character and plot development that make her books read quickly and very enjoyably.  She has earned a be on the lookout for her next release reader in me!

My Rating: 4.75/5.0

About the Book:

What happens when the hunter . . . becomes the hunted?
Kit Kenyon is a first-rate hostage negotiator. Noah Lambert is a good detective with excellent instincts. These new partners have hardly had time to get used to each other when they are thrown into a grisly murder case. As evidence mounts up and more victims are found, Kit and Noah realize they are on the hunt for a serial killer. The problem is, he may be hunting one of them too.

With nail-biting suspense, clever plot twists, and a hint of romance, A Killer Among Us is the latest thriller from Lynette Eason.
Available May 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

About the Author:

Lynette Eason is the author of Too Close to Home, Don't Look Back, and three other romantic suspense novels. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Romance Writers of America. A homeschooling mother of two, she has a master's degree in education from Converse College and lives in South Carolina.

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