Wednesday, May 13, 2009


First - don't forget my Ghostwriter contest in the post below - win a copy of Travis Thrasher's Ghostwriter before it's even out - contest runs through next Tuesday!

So audiobooks - I love them, they get me through my short commute and some days make me want to stay in the car longer. This week they are helping me during my commute as they are working on a bridge which is the only way about half of our county can get into "town" as we say. So my commute has stretched from the normal 20 minutes to about 45 minutes. Fun - but in a way it is - I don't have a specific time to be at work, so that is not stressful and what it is giving me is time to listen to my current audiobook - Montana Sky by Nora Roberts. This is a wonderful book and I am enjoying it and the reader.

I get most of my audiobooks either from the library or from Audible (which has a wonderful subscription program and also a lot of sales). The ones from audible go on my mp3 player and I use a tape player adapter to listen in the car. CDs or tapes are played in my car also (I have a pre-2000 van that has both tape and CD).

So my question to you is what are some of your favorite audiobooks and audiobook readers? I love the David Baldacci books read by Scott Brick and I will pick up anything that Scott Brick reads now, because I enjoy him so much. I also enjoy the Stephanie Plum books which are read by C.J. Critt. Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult was also wonderful and they used several readers for the different voices (each chapter was a different person in the story and a different reader to go with that character).

So what do you love about audiobooks and give me your suggestions, I'm always looking for suggestions of things to read!