Friday, February 14, 2014

I'm Wondering This Week . . . (+ $10 GC giveaway)

Now that I have a weekly feature, I needed a banner.  What do you think?  I kept it simple but I like it.

First let me thank you for all the responses last week.  It's great to hear your thoughts on Blogger vs. WordPress.  I'm still on the fence and considering options.

So this week, what am I thinking?  Well it's Valentine's so I guess love is on my mind.  So this week what genre do you love to read?  Pretty simple but I'm fascinated to know what people love.  For me I guess I would go with romance as my true love, but suspense comes in a close second.  In the romance genre I'm currently in love with New Adult, which is kind of amusing since I turn 40 in less than 2 weeks, but I like the grittiness and the angst for some reason.

So what do you love?  Tell me a genre, give me an example, it's whatever you want.  And thank you to all my readers, I really do appreciate you!  In fact this week the giveaway will be a $10 GC (I'm a big spender, LOL!)

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