Sunday, May 30, 2010

What I'm Reading on Sunday

Kindle: Dangerous by Diana Palmer (for review as well)
I haven't gotten any further with this one at this time, I need to read it next though.  I put up the giveaway for one copy of the hardcover today, so check that out.

Audio in the Car:  Don't Look Twice by Andrew Gross 
I haven't been in the car since Friday night but I'm in the middle of Disc 4 and still enjoying it, a few things were a little predictable, but the overall story is very intriguing and has me on the edge of my seat.

Review Book:  The Ark by Boyd Morrison
I'm about 100 pages into this - it's for a tour on Wednesday.  It definitely has grabbed me from the beginning.  I read about 100 pages of it this evening without putting it down.

Dangerous (Long, Tall Texans)Don't Look Twice: A Novel The Ark: A Novel


Never Let You Go by Erin Healy
Great book - I wanted to finish it last night but couldn't keep my eyes open, so I finished it first thing this morning.  Really enjoyed it, will post the review this week.

Welcome to Harmony by Jodi Thomas
I started this one this morning and finished it this afternoon.  I seem to have a stomach bug that has kept me from doing much today and I must admit I have enjoyed spending the day with the inhabitants of Harmony, Texas.  Review and Guest post with the author will be coming later this week.  I also will have one copy to giveaway as well.

  Never Let You Go  Welcome to Harmony

Reviews completed:

Other notes for today - I've not been feeling well, plus my boys have been at one of their sets' of grandparents all day and this evening for a cookout, so it's been pretty much me alone all day which has allowed for a lot of reading time (and preparing posts for my blog this coming week).  I have really enjoyed reading Welcome to Harmony.  It has been awhile since I've read this type of fiction, tale of a small-town with some romance and getting to know a lot of characters.  I've missed it and it was great to get  back to it.

Book Feature and Giveaway: Dangerous by Diana Palmer

Dangerous by Diana Palmer
Publisher: HQN Books
Publish Date: May 25, 2010
Hardcover,  384 pages
ISBN: 978-0-373-77459-3

My review will be coming later this week, I'm reading this now.  In the meantime check out this book and enter the giveaway to win your own copy below.

About the Book:

Tall, lean and headstrong, FBI agent Kilraven lives by his own rules. And one of those rules includes keeping his hands off Jacobsville’s resident sweetheart, Winnie Sinclair, no matter the temptation. Shy and innocent, Winnie couldn’t handle a man like him – a merciless man with a haunted past. And this small town may hold not only the woman he fights to resist, but the answers to a cold case that is very personal to Kilraven….

Winnie has had her own share of sorrow and senses Kilraven’s pain. Even though she tries to deny it, the gentle 911 operator feels a connection with the darkly handsome agent. When he makes the disturbing discovery that her family’s unsavory past might have a bearing on his case, Winnie is determined to help him crack it…and the ice around his heart.

As they combine forces in a dangerous investigation, the stakes rise ever higher. Winnie’s life is on the line, and she’ll need Kilraven more than ever. But if they are to have a future together, her ruthless Texan will need to confront his past and risk it all for their love.
About the Author:

Today the New York Times bestselling author of over 100 novels, Diana Palmer is renowned as one of North America's top 10 romance writers.  When she published her first novel in 1979, fans immediately fell in love with her sensual, charming romances.

A die-hard romantic who married her husband five days after they met, Diana says that she wrote her first book at age 13--and has been hooked ever since.

Palmer began her career as a newspaper reporter and columnist, a path she followed for 16 years.  When her novel Heather's Song was purchased by Silhouette Books in 1980, she retired her press badge and devoted herself to a life filled with romance and pening the page-turners her readers find so hard to put down.

This dynamic woman graduated summa cum laude from Piedmont College in 1995--at the age of 49!  "College was an experience I'll always cherish," she says.  "Now I fund a scholarship at my alma mater in my late father's name--he'd laugh to know that it's a science scholarship, when I can barely do math!  I also fund a nursing scholarship at the Oglala Lakota College in Kyle, South Dakota, in the name of my mother, who was a nurse."

Palmer is a member of the Native American Rights Fund, the American Museum of Natural History, the National Cattleman's Association, the Planetary Society, the Georgia Sheriff's Association and numerous conservation and charitable organizations.  Her hobbies include gardening, knitting, quilting, anthropology, astronomy and music.

Palmer lives in northeast Georgia with her husband, James Kyle, and a menagerie of animals that includes four dogs, four cats, assorted exotic lizards and an emu named George.  She loves Spanish-language soap operas and fast cars--her latest is a Jaguar.

Planned Television Arts has given me 1 copy of Dangerous to giveaway to the readers of this blog. Simply comment to enter.  Additional entries for following (rss, email, blogger, networked blogs, etc.), tweeting (1 per day), posting on your blog (sidebar is fine).  Please comment for each entry - it makes the accounting easier.   Giveaway open to US/Canada only.  Don't worry if you are first or last - I'm starting to randomize all entries before using to draw a number - so it's more like drawing a name out of a hat.  Giveaway runs through June 6, 2010.

FTC Information: I received this book from Jennifer Musico, publicist at Planned Television Arts for review.  I have Amazon links on my review pages but I do not make any money from these because of NC laws.  I put them solely for people to check out the books on a retail site.

Book Feature: Enemy Lover by Karin Harlow

Enemy Lover by Karin Harlow
Publisher: Pocket Star Books
Publish Date: May 25, 2010
Paperback, 384 pages
ISBN: 978-1-4391-0982-3

Karin Harlow makes her paranormal suspense debut with the thrilling story of undercover agents fighting for justice--and against vampires.  In Enemy Lover (Pocket Star Books; June 2010; $7.99) a femme fatale becomes the newest member of the Last Option Special Team, where the only choices are do or die.

My review will be coming in the next week.

About the Book:
When you have no alternative, then you call in L.O.S.T. Because with the Last Option Special Team, it’s do or die. . . . 
It’s Jax Cassidy’s first mission for L.O.S.T.—one that will give the former cop who went rogue a chance to prove herself. Her assignment: gain the trust of assassin Marcus Cross . . . eliminate him . . . then take down Marcus’s mentor, Joseph Lazarus, a man with a bold eye on the White House. But the woman who’s known by her team for being a femme fatale succumbs to passion, only to discover Cross’s deadly secret. He’s a vampire, and Joseph Lazarus is his creator.

Left for dead by his platoon in the violent hills of Afghanistan, Special Ops sniper Marcus Cross was given a second chance at life. His newly heightened skills make him the perfect killing machine, and as Lazarus’s right-hand man, he’s quickly rising to the top of his dark empire, purging enemies with speed and precision. Only when dangerous beauty Jax Cassidy is sent to bring him in does he begin to question Lazarus’s motives and his own actions. But when Jax’s life is threatened by the one thing that can destroy them both, Marcus must make a bitter choice—her death or his.

About the Author:
A full-time writer, Karin Harlow spins dark tales of suspense, love and things that go bump in the night.   Drawing from her life as a cop's wife, her stories resonate with authority and reality.  When Karin isn't writing, she enjoys traveling the California coastline with her husband and one or more of her four children, or getting together in far-off places with her writing buddies.

FTC Information: I received this book from Ayelet Gruenspecht at Pocket Star Books for review.  I have Amazon links on my review pages but I do not make any money from these because of NC laws.  I put them solely for people to check out the books on a retail site.